Wednesday 13th November – Greys Class experience a shadow puppet masterclass.

On Wednesday Greys class welcomed “Finger and Thumb Theatre Company” into their class.

The whole school watched a performance were creatures, animals and stories were created with only the use of light, a circular screen, music and a pair of hands!

Children from all classes were so inspired by what they had seen that at break time a line of children were to be found creating animal shadows on the fence. Can you spot the wolf and crab below?

Shadow puppets 004

After break we were introduced to different types of puppets from other countries. Many children tried to hold a traditional “Mr Punch” hand puppet – they found it heavy due to it having a wooden head and hands.

Shadow puppets 082

In the afternoon we worked hard designing our own moving shadow puppets.


Shadow puppets 045


When the puppets were finally cut out the children took them to Drew from “Finger and Thumb Theatre” to get them attached to sticks.

Shadow puppets 061

And here are a few examples of how the puppets looked behind the screen – they are fabulous!

Shadow puppets 117

Shadow puppets 126

Shadow puppets 128

Shadow puppets 131

Here is a photograph of all our shadow puppets.

Shadow puppets

What a super day! Thank you “Finger and Thumb Theatre Company”.

To watch a video of the shadow puppets – please go to the following link.