Springwood’s Week 8th November 2013

This week we came back to school after a week off for half term. We had all been very busy creating some some fantastic Magical Animal Parks…..

Felix's Topic 

We had to design a magical animal park, some of us created maps and diagrams whilst others made models from a variety of different materials including Lego.



They had to include a key, the important features of a theme park and of course some magical creatures!  

Lucy's Topic  Charlotte's Topic

On Monday afternoon we split into our newly named house teams and created shields to represent our new tree themed teams.

On Wednesday we went to church for a Remembrance Service – we read two poems and sang “Turn your thoughts.” Lucy and Geno laid a wreath on the War Memorial and will be going back on Sunday to take part in the community Remembrance Service.

In maths this week we have been looking at sequences of both numbers and shapes. We have been recapping on our learning of the four methods of addition, subtraction, long division and multiplication – we have all got the hang of this and are turning into maths geeks!!

We have mixed up our science and literacy work this week, in fact Miss Hudson managed to disguise our literacy learning so well we didn’t know we’d done any!! We looked at particles and how they are different in solids, liquids and gases, we then linked this to evaporation and how the particles change.

Science Work

After our research we did an experiment about evaporation – we boiled a kettle and “caught” the evaporation. We wrote a recount and explained how the particles changed from a liquid to a gas and then measured the amount of water that had evaporated.


In topic we researched on newly improved netbooks; four unique hats from Harry Potter and recorded the facts about them. We did this as a starting point for our own Harry Potter themed headpiece creations we will be making this term.