Springwood’s Week 7th March 2014

This week has been a week of two halves. For the first three mornings the Year Fives were doing Maths and Literacy with Mr Steele in the parish room, whilst Year Six were doing some SATs work. The Year Fives created a fantastic class book called “Rescue!” just in time for World Book Day which they shared with the Year Sixes.

Tuesday afternoon was spent making pancakes in the classroom – there were only a few “accidents” but Miss Hudson told us about the three second rule if something is dropped on the floor. Luckily there were no pancakes stuck to the ceiling though.

On Wednesday afternoon we went back to Chiltern Edge for another badminton lesson with Mr Nutt, this time using the nets which made it a lot trickier. Most of us had found about the origin of the game although there were quite a few different versions.

We continued with our life saving skills on Thursday morning learning about side stroke (which was very difficult especially in clothes), the different methods to rescue people including using a football as a floatation device. On Thursday afternoon we had a workshop with James Mayhew which was incredible – thank you so much to Greys Class for winning his competition it was a very inspiring day!!

On Friday morning we were greeted by a stranger in the classroom – he turned out to be Kev the Comic who is a cartoonist and has even had work in the Beano!! He taught us some fantastic drawing skills and by lunchtime we had created our very own comic called ” Bonkers Bingin’ Bits”

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