Springwood’s Week 7th February 2014

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions and percentages, we used the Target Maths books to make sure we understood the method and concept.

In Literacy we have started a new class book called Spring-Heeled Jack by Philip Pullman, we created fact files about him as an author and had to decide whether he was a literary hero. Miss Hudson thought he qualified immediately as he had been a teacher before he became an author. We also found out that his father was an RAF Pilot and had died in a plane crash.


In topic we have revisited the rainforest this time looking at food chains. Miss Hudson made some food-paper chains which we had to put together and have hung across the classroom. We then created food webs comparing and contrasting a British garden with Australia’s rainforest. We even linked this to our learning about bacteria and found out that despite it being small bacteria can be at the top of a food chain.

Food Web One food web two food web three

This week we designed and made leaflets advertising the cake sale – which Greys Class kindly delivered for us. We had lots of compliments from people who had recieved them through their doors.