Springwood’s Week 6th December 2013

This week was assessment week, we all worked really hard and finished all the SATs by Wednesday.

On Monday we all came into the classroom and were surprised to see a “stunning Christmas Tree” according to Clara. We were going to use the tree for the back drop to our Living Advent Calendar which we have been updating everyday.

This week we finally started making our hats which we have been designing since last term. The classroom was turned upside down for two afternoons but the results are fantastic:

Hat Making Two Hat Making

And here are some of the completed hats….


On Wednesday we all sat together for our Christmas lunch which was lovely – a big thank you to FOPS for organising this.

On Thursday we spent the morning researching the history of the mince pie in preparation for a baking session in the next few weeks.

“The first mince pie eating competition was in Somerset and the winner ate 46 mince pies!” Indigo found out.

“King Henry the fifth was served a mince pie the size of his head at his coronation in 1413” according to Cameron W.

Look out for the winner of the mince pie recipe competition next week.