Springwood’s Week 31st January 2014

We started the week by working in groups to create presentations about a different hero of the week; we had to include facts that we had learnt previously and most importantly we had to convince the rest of the class why our hero was the ultimate hero.

We have been doing some more problem solving this week – looking at two step problems and how we can use different operations to solve these. Mrs Pitson also introduced a new maths game which we are getting our heads around; the loop game which involves us each having a card with a number at the top and a maths question at the bottom. Someone in the class will ask the question and a different person will have the answer and then ask their question. We have been timing ourselves playing this – it’s been tricky but will certainly speed up our mental maths skills.

Art 2 Art 1

We used the watercolours this week to paint an animal from the Australian rainforest. We looked at different techniques to create the texture of the animals they are hanging in pride of place in the classroom – feel free to pop in and have a look. We have also been comparing and contrasting habitats; both here and in Australia.


In science we looked at the role of the microbe in food production and created cartoon strips about a microbe in either cheese or wine making.


Some of us made soup with Mrs Brealey yesterday – it was tomato and basil and just what we needed when we got back from swimming.

The hero homework has been a great success, there have been some lovely letters, newspaper reports and even a dvd about how we have been heroes at home and in the community – well done! Next week we are going to be charitable heroes and will be holding a cake sale – look out for more information coming soon.