Springwood’s Week 28th March

We started this week off with a big writing session – Miss Hudson read a World War Two story and we had to write a diary entry from the perspective of the main character in the story. We had to assess our own writing against criteria that Miss Hudson had given us and then use our editing skills to improve our diary entry. Later in the week we looked at a different genre of writing and wrote a newspaper report, for a time capsule about our school. We then got an insight into how Miss Hudson marks our writing –  we looked at the mark scheme and tried to mark our own writing. We will be looking more closely at this next week, especially how we can use punctuation to enhance our writing.

In Maths we have been doing some revision of multiplication and division using three digit numbers and decimals as well as using these skills to solve word problems. When we looked at word problems we had to decide whether it was appropriate to use a calculator and then discussed the importance of laying out our workings clearly so we can look for any misconceptions.

In Topic we have been examining the people who led the countries to war – we selected a leader and used the netbooks to research their personal lives and what made them a good leader. We will be turning this information into factual posters to display in the classroom.

Thursday was our final swimming session of the term – we recapped our life saving skills (whilst wearing our pyjamas) and then the instructors had created an obstacle course testing all our skills.

The Year Sixes went to Oxford on Wednesday morning for their Junior Citizenship training – unfortunately we can’t tell you about what happened, because it will spoil it for the Year Fives next year. However they were beautifully behaved and a real credit to Peppard – a huge thank you to Mrs Davenport who drove us there in super quick time so we weren’t late.

Next week you need clean shoes for Wednesday’s final badminton session.