Springwood’s Week 28th February

Miss Hudson had warned us before Half Term this was going to be a tough term and she wasn’t joking.

We started the week discovering that our new topic this term is World War Two. We starting by comparing and contrasting Europe prior to the war and now, we used maps to plot countries and borders comparing where countries used to be before the war. We then were assigned a different country from the EU and asked to find out facts about the country, it’s involvement in WW2 and even how to say hello in that language. We presented these findings to the rest of the class.

Map 2 Map

In maths we have been looking at methods for mental maths and lots of us have beaten our scores each day on our mental maths tests. We have also been looking at fractions, decimals and ordering them as a revision unit.

This week we started badminton at Chiltern Edge School on Wendesday afternoon – which was great fun. Part of our homework is to find out where badminton orginated. Mr Nutt was very impressed with our skills considering we had done very little at school. We also swam in our clothes this week, which turned out to be a lot trickier than we had expected, we came back to school thoroughly exhuasted.

This week we got an email from our pen pals in Bled – they had recorded themselves speaking in Slovenian and also how to say their names correctly. We will be working next week to create something exciting to send back to them and might even post it on here.

Well done to Year Six who all completed their first piece of SATs homework – keep it up!!