Springwood’s Week, 27th February

This week, Springwood have been looking at instruction and explanation texts. We started off by following the instructions for a number of different card games and evaluating how effective they were.DSC02468 DSC02469 DSC02470

Our RE lessons this week have been extremely creative. We utilised incense sticks, candles, fruit and ribbon to create hindu shrines. The results were vibrant and colourful, as you can see!DSC02480 DSC02482 DSC02483 DSC02484 DSC02486

In recognition of shrove Tuesday, we flipped and filled pancakes. They were delicious!DSC02491 DSC02492 DSC02493


Our numeracy lessons this week have been centred around solving problems involving rates and scale. We’ve also been using mental strategies to multiply and divide decimals with one or two decimal places.