Springwood’s Week 25th October 2013

We have had another action packed week in Springwood. We have been working really hard on our division skills and have all learnt how to do long division using the bus stop method; it’s been quite tricky but we can now divide a four digit number by a two digit number.

In Literacy we have been looking at poetry and have been using our class reader – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to create some fabulous poems. We looked at similes and personification and created a poem about the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts.

“It smells like a box, of stinking socks, with leaves dancing in the air” Tabitha

“The trees reach down to grab you up, don’t dare don’t dare don’t dare go there” Charlotte

“Do not touch, what you don’t know, before you go in, bring lots of arrows and a bow” Cameron W

In PE we went on a cross country run with two laps around the big field – there were some amazing times and we hope to compete again at the next cross country competition.

The year sixes had their parents in for a presentation meeting about their residential trip to The Manor – it was an opportunity to share photos and funny stories with them.

The football team had a very productive morning at Bishopswood they played a number of games with some very close scores.

We have certainly had a very busy first half term in Springwood class and are looking forward to working and playing hard again after the holiday.