Springwood’s Week 24th January 2014

This week started with a new maths topic – we have been using calculators to solve problems including rounding and missing digits. We worked on methods which would help us identify which way numbers needed to be rounded and linked them to the questions we were being asked.

In Literacy we carried on with our biography work – Miss Hudson set the challenge to write our own school reports but in the third person. These were really interesting to write because it gave us the chance to reflect on all the learning we have done this year so far (there has been quite a lot) and also gave us an idea of what it is like to have to write a school report.

In Topic we re-visited our first Hero of the Week James Cook. We were challenged to write a diary from the point of view of someone who sailed on the same ship as Cook on one of his many voyages. We will be finishing this next week and “ageing” them using a tea bag. We were also introduced to the Hero of the Week for this week who is Louis Pasteur; a very important scientist. We started to write newspaper articles about his discovery thinking about the effect this would have had on society at the time. We also made links to our Science learning looking at the different types of virus and their structures.

We were lucky enough to have a PE session at Chiltern Edge this week in preparation for our Sports Hall Athletics Competition this afternoon. We got to try a lot of different events and learn some new techniques – a huge thank you to Mr Nutt for helping us out. We are going back to Chiltern Edge this afternoon to put our new skills into practice in a competition against some other school – fingers crossed.

There will be more information about the next Hero Homework this afternoon don’t forget you need to record them in a variety of different ways each week.