Springwood’s Week 22nd November 2013

This week started with Miss Hudson informing us it was Road Safety Week. We started researching using the netbooks to create leaflets to inform young people about the dangers of the road and how to be safe.

DSC00774 DSC00775

On Monday afternoon we had a Magasin de Vetements which involved lots of dressing up – Geno looked particularly fetching in a leopard print skirt!!!

In Maths we have been looking at prime numbers, factors and prime factors. We learnt that a prime number can only be divided by itself and one; we investigated how many prime numbers there are between 0 and 100.


The Year Sixes have been out and about on their bikes in the freezing cold. We watched a DVD about road safety and they have been putting these skills into action. The Year Sixes have another session before their test on Tuesday – Good Luck!!

In Science we have been researching the “inverse” of evaporation – which is condensation. We also learnt about the Water or Hydrolic Cycle and how evaporation and condensation play a part; we created a diagram to represent the parts of the cycle.


As part of Literacy we have entered “The Spirit of Christmas” poetry competition – we had to write a poem about winter which was very apt as it’s been so chilly this week.

On Thursday we visited the library van and each took out two books. Our new class reader is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief which Abe very kindly provided for us. We are really looking forward to getting stuck into it. Miss Hudson received a very exciting email from Mr Steele this week – he sent her the Harry Potter audio books so we have been listening and working at the same time.