Springwood’s Week 21st March 2014

This week the Year Fives have been working really hard during assessment week – the Year Sixes had theirs a couple of weeks ago. Everyone has worked really hard and should be very proud of themselves.

The Year Sixes have had a “normal” week and have worked so quietly that we forgot they were there (some of the time).

In Literacy the Year Sixes used their homework to write a war story about an evacuee child – there were some very descriptive and well thought out stories which Miss Hudson will be sharing at a writing meeting next week. We focussed on editing large parts of our stories and although our drafts looked really messy it meant our neat copies were fantastic reads.

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In Maths we have been looking at data handling and interpreting charts , we used tally charts and observed graphs. We then moved onto solving problems involving time and reading timetables.

In Topic this week we have been looking at the German side of the war – on Tuesday we created Facebook pages for Hitler (paper copies), we researched his life and thought about people who would be his friends – Indigo even found out the name of his barber.

3 4 5We then looked at how Hitler won votes and supporters before and during the war – a key aspect of this was the introduction of the “People’s Car” the VW Beetle. We went back to the drawing board and created our own versions of this car using a design template.

Year Sixes are going to Junior Citizenship on Wednesday – girls need to remember to wear school trousers or shorts under their skirts and we all need a packed lunch.