Springwood’s Week, 19th December



This week, Springwood have looked at the correct use of semi-colons. We used them to separate two related clauses in a sentence, and to separate items in a list where each item is more than a couple of words long.

In Numeracy, we have been doing long multiplication, multiplying 2-digit numbers by numbers with 3 and 4 digits. We then practised solving word problems, and had to choose an appropriate method to do so.


Our music lessons have been spent learning techniques for creating sound tracks and film scores in order to compose our own music for an animation entitled ‘Abstract Albert’. Through practise, we found that in order for the music to be effective, it had to be synchronised with what was happening on screen. Watch our finished animation below.

To adorn our Christmas tree, we created reindeer. Using brown pom poms for the body and black pipe cleaners for legs proved to be very effective, and we used googly eyes as the finishing touch to their foam faces.


After watching Frozen, we had lots of delicious food at our class party on Thursday. Have a lovely Christmas everybody!IMG_2118