Springwood’s Week 17th January 2014

We have had another action packed week in Springwood – the week started with some tricky maths jobs, we have been learning about sequences and patterns of numbers looking at the terms and writing formulas for the nth term. We have all worked really hard to understand this and are nearly there.


In literacy we have been continuing with our biography topic, this time looking at a different member of The Royal Family – The Queen. We researched her life using a range of different sources and then turned this information into a written biography. When we read through them even though we had all used similar information there were some very big differences between what we had written (a great example of bias).

We were really lucky to be able to visit RAF Benson on Tuesday morning as part of our heroes topic. We learnt about a number of RAF heroes and what they did during the war. We also went in a Puma helicopter and saw the hundreds of different buttons used to fly it, as well as having a paper aeroplane competition and learning how to survive if your helicopter is shot down.


In science this week we have been looking at diseases and germs. Miss Hudson sprinkled glittered on Indigo’s hands at the start of the lesson and by the end the classroom was looking quite glittery. This was to show how quickly germs can spread and the importance of washing your hands. We then went on to learn about three types of microbes and what they looked like when dyed under a microscope.



We started our swimming sessions this week at Gillots on Thursday mornings and are looking forward to learning some very important life saving skills during the upcoming weeks.

The Junior Peppard News Editors attended the first Editors’ meeting of the New Year on Tuesday and have come back to school with some fantastic ideas for the next issue.

Next week we will be starting our heroes homework – look out for more information.