Springwood’s Week 15th November 2013

On Monday and Tuesday Miss Hudson left us in Mrs Pitson’s capable hands as she was poorly.

In maths we did sequences on a big sheet of paper using symbols which we recorded in a chart. Some of us got into a pickle struggling to layout the sequences on such a big piece of paper. In maths on Tuesday Mr Steele gave us the important job of creating a new travel plan for the school. We have to make a questionnaire about how people get to school, road safety and thinking of new ways to travel to and from school. This is going to be a big project but we are ready for the job!!

We have started planning our Harry Potter themed head pieces this week; we created a character who would wear the hat. We needed to think about the materials we would use and how we would construct the hat – Miss Hudson has quite a long shopping list now.


On Wednesday Miss Hudson returned, we were really lucky to be invited to Greys Class’s puppet show which was amazing. We started some algebra in maths which was tricky but our newly acquired multiplication and divsion skills came in very handy.

We have also been carrying out science experiments this week; we wanted to find out how to speed up evaporation. We filled up five containers with the same amount of water and put them in different climates, including one on a hot water bottle, another outside and even one under a hair dryer!! We looked at how the particles would respond to being charged and therefore how they would change.  


We have written letters to a school in Bled who we are twinning with – we sent them an information pack a few weeks ago and are hoping to start emailing and video calling soon.

On Thursday and Friday we helped Mrs Pitson with the car wash for Children in Need – parents drove their cars onto the little playground and had them cleaned for £5.

Year Six brought their bikes to school this week for cycling proficiency – they will be out on the roads next week so Sonning Common might be a place to avoid on Tuesday!!

We finished Harry Potter this week and it was a “fantabulous” ending to quote Abe. We are all waiting to hear what the next class reader will be….