Springwood’s Week 10th January 2014

We have had a great start to the New Year in Springwood Class!!

On Monday everybody came into school dressed  as their hero to kick off the school’s new topic.

In Maths we have been learning about co-ordinates on 1-4 quadrants, using both positive and negative numbers on the axis. We moved onto translation and rotation of shapes and patterns at different degrees.

Maths 2


Maths 1

In English we have been learning about bias in biographies, we first looked at Diana Princess of Wales and we made powerpoint presentations on her life in groups. We have identified the features of a biography and will start writing our own next week.

As this terms topic is heroes – we have a different hero each week. This week is Captain James Cook; we have been researching and making leaflets on him.

“He commanded two ships- ‘The Endeavor’ and  ‘HMS Resolution’ to sail out to chart Venus and discover new places in the Pacific,” Emily.

In Topic we linked our learning to Captain James Cook’s discovery of Australia and have been looking at rainforests and the structure of different rainforests around the world.