Springwood’s Spectacular School Trip.

So the day had finally arrived!! The air was filled with excitment and Springwood’s classroom was buzzing.

“This was no oridnary day – this was a day for magic” Abe.

We boarded the bus (not the Knight Bus) and sped off to the studios. When we arrived we ate our picnic lunch outside whilst deciding how we would create our special edition Living Advent Calendar post.

As we walked towards the entrance we saw three orignal pieces of Wizard Chess – the perfect opportunity for a photo the first of many no doubt!!

As we entered the lobby we saw many familiar faces from the films:

HP 1 

We also saw the handprints from Harry, Hermione and Ron.

We were given passports, which we used to collect stamps and find the golden snitches.

We began our tour by queuing to go through to the cinema room – we rushed in to make sure we had front row seats!! We watched a short film of the “Harry Potter Story”, when the clip finished the screen lifted up to reveal the doors to The Great Hall. The doors opened and we saw The Great Hall set out for a Christmas feast, “It was overwhelming to see such an amazing sight” Eleanor.

HP 2

We left The Great Hall and started looking at different set designs. We met a lady who was talking about wigs and make-up, she had lots of stories about the films and we asked her loads of questions – some of which she had to radio for the answers.

There was a frame which had all the wands in it – we spent about twenty minutes bombarding another lady with questions.

HP 3

The adults had planned a suprise for us; we went into the Green Screen area and were told we were going to be flying in the magic car – we all piled it was a bit of a squeeze.

After this we went outside and a saw Privet Drive, the Knight Bus and it started snowing!! They showed us how to make different types of snow using different materials depending on the type of snow they needed for the film.

HP 4

 We went back inside and looked at the different methods they used for creating certain characters, the special effects and the puppetry was amazing – some of the things looked so realistic.

The last part of the tour was incredible we walked in to see Hogwarts Castle – we learnt about how long it took to create the model, the materials that were used, how they made lots of different scaled models of the castle for different shoots.

HP 5

This was probably the best school trip we have been on, even though we were very tired when we got home we have got memories that will last for a long time.

By Springwood Class.