Peppard Class March 21st

After the long wait, this week our eggs finally hatched. It was very exciting, the first one hatched during our maths session. It looked very soggy and wet but soon dried out. In total we have 5 chicks. We have been taking responsibility cleaning, feeding and cuddling them.

IMG_1278 compressed IMG_1281 compressed


The caterpillars have now started to turn into cocoons. We will be putting them in the net on Monday and hoping that they will hatch the following week.  Miss Bryant now feels like she has a mini zoo in her classroom.

In Maths this week we have been looking at adding. We have been practicing counting on and using a number to help us find the answers. We also looked at some practical problems.

We continued to practice halving and doubling and cut up some more fruit for fruit printing.  We enjoyed creating our own pictures and patterns.

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Oliver’s horses, Maximus and Rocky. We got to feed them carrots and polo’s.  We asked lots of questions about how to look after a horse and even got to look at their shoes.  We watched Mrs White ride Maximus around the common, he was very fast; we found out he can run up 30mph.

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