Peppard Class 14th March

Wow…..well what an exciting week.

This week we started off with a trip to the Kenton Theatre to see ‘Peter and the Wolf’. It was a solo performance of a man who used shadow puppets to tell the story. At the end of the show he taught us how to make the wolf with our hands.

On Thursday we went to see the ‘Travelling Tuba’. It was a fun and interactive session where we were taken around the world whilst being introduced to some fantastic instruments. Olivia was lucky enough to play the ‘Alpine Horn’ from Switzerland and we were very impressed.

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Our caterpillars are growing by the day and are now looking fat. It won’t be long until they have turned into cocoons.

Our chicks are due to hatch on Monday. Miss Bryant is taking them home for the weekend just in case they come early. We have set up a brooder box with newspaper and sawdust with an incubation light to keep them warm. We are very excited and will invite you in to visit the once they are settled.

In maths this week we have been learning about sharing and halving. We selected fruits from the Hungry Caterpillar and practiced halving fruits and sharing them. We then tasted them and decided which fruit was our favourite. We also practiced sharing out counters and compare bears. At the end week we shared out sweets, this cemented the concept of sharing fairly very quickly.

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