March 7th Peppard Class

Our caterpillars arrived in Peppard class this week. It was very exciting. We had to divide the nutrient into small vials and then separate the caterpillars so that they had one vial each.  We had to put holes in the containers to allow them to breathe. Altogether we have 33 caterpillars. We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and created our own for display.  


Our eggs are also doing very well. Today we were very lucky to have Olivia’s grandma bring in a machine so that we could look inside the eggs to see how well they are growing. All 6 of our eggs appear to have chicks inside. We have approximately 10 days until they are due to hatch.

 In Mathematics this week we have been looking at doubling and sharing. We practiced doubling numbers by drawing butterflies and doubling the amount of spots on both sides.

 In our creative time we have made cocoons and caterpillars. We also painted symmetrical butterflies.

 World Book was a huge success. Mr James Mayhew came into read us a story and painted as he read. It was very clever and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We also had to design a book cover of our favourite book.  Mr Mayhew judged our covers and Lily Clements won a book voucher.

Next week is the Henley Youth Festival. We have 2 very exciting outings planned. On Tuesday we are going to the Kenton Theatre to see ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and on Thursday we are off to see the ‘Travelling Tuba’.

 Have a lovely weekend.