Peppard; January 17th

This week Peppard Class have been finding out about the role of the Police force. We have set up our very own Police Station and turned our bikes into Police Cars. We used the junk modelling to make props and made Police notebooks to help with our writing and letter formation.  In Literacy we have created ‘Wanted Posters’.

In Maths we have been learning about capacity. We have spent the week comparing the capacity of different containers using water and sand.

In Phonics we have done a lot of work on the sounds ch, sh, th and ng. We have been practicing blending words with these sounds.

In R.E the children have been talking about special objects for example the Bible, Prayer Mats and the Cross. On Thursday 23rd January could your child please bring in a special object (for example a special teddy, toy, picture etc)

Also in your child’s reading folder you will find a booklet. It contains different engaging activities based on our topic of Heroes. This week we are working at being ‘Hometime Heroes’. Could you please support them by either taking a photo or drawing a labelled picture. Police Picture