Highmoor – 29th November

29th November

This week we have been learning about slavery and the important role it plays in American history. We looked into what slavery is and why the slave trade happened. We spent time finding facts about the slave trade triangle. We used the netbooks to research facts about segregation and influential American figures in the civil rights movement such as Martin Luther King.


In numeracy this week we have been learning new written methods for division. Some of us have learnt to use the chunking method down a number line and some of us are chunking in columns. Everybody has worked really hard but Finley in particular did a super job! Here’s some of his work:



In Literacy this week we have looked at some different poetry forms. We have written shape poems, Haiku poems and Limeriks.

A Limerick by Joe: 

There was a young man from Reading,

He went to buy some bedding,

He got to the car,

then had a Mars bar,

then thought he’d go to a wedding!

A simile poem by Isobel:


In Science, we have started a new topic on electricity. We have been learning about where our mains electricity comes from and how it is produced in the power plants. We have been thinking about the dangers of electricity and discussing ways to keep safe. We began to look at the components of a circuit and constructed one ourselves in the classroom. We managed to make the bulb light up!


Next week is assessment week so get a good nights sleep on Sunday everybody! Please can all children have a water bottle in school next week.

Have a great weekend!