Highmoor – 28th February

We started the new term off in Highmoor with an exciting hunt around the school. The task was to decode mathematical clues that would eventually spell out key words. The key words would help us work out our new topic for the term!



We finally worked out that the words spelt the names of 4 famous explorers and our new topic is Explorers and adventurers!



On Tuesday, we practiced some indoor athletics and challenged ourselves to improve our personal bests in the long jump and speed bounce.

4 5

To kick off our topic, we compiled information to show where in the world we have explored as a class. We stuck post its onto our world map to show this information visually. From here, we created a map with a colour coordinated key to show which parts of the world we have visited most.

67 (better)


In literacy this week, some of us have been learning to identify words with common prefixes. We worked in pairs to find words that included these prefixes in the dictionary and recorded their definitions.


Some of us have been learning to use connectives and conjunctions to write compound and complex sentences.



We finished our week off with some super football skills on the playground!



Please remember that times tables will be handed out on Fridays to be tested the following Friday. Spellings will be handed out Friday to be tested the following Wednesday and Homework goes out Thursday and comes in Tuesday.

Children will need PE kits in School on Monday next week.

Have a lovely weekend!