Highmoor – 24th January

This week has been another busy week in Highmoor. In numeracy, we have been learning about how to use tally charts and pictograms to sort and represent data. We sorted the information from our food diaries into the 5 food groups using a tally chart. From here, we created pictograms. The results showed clearly how balanced our diets are. We were very pleased with the results as we found out that we all have a varied and balanced diet!


 On Tuesday, we became fitness trainers! We invited Greys class to take part in a keep fit session using the training sessions that we planned last week. We collected the equipment we needed and set up our activities on the common. In our groups, we guided Greys Class through our activities explaining the different components of fitness and the benefits of exercise to our bodies.

DSC00514 DSC00525 DSC00528 DSC00533

 On Friday, we had a visitor come to speak to us about healthy eating. He introduced us to a game he has designed to help children learn about different foods and their health properties. We had lots of fun playing the game and created some very funny food characters like Oliver the Orange!     


Have a lovely weekend!