Highmoor – 22nd November

This week in Literacy, we have been learning about the language features of poetry. We explored a range of poems and discussed the effect the language had on their meaning. We had a go at using the language features in our own writing.

An example of alliteration by Octavia:

“The goldfish was glowing gloriously.”

An example of personification by Matilda:

“The ruler back-flipped off the table and onto the floor.”

An example of a simile by Lois:

“In Autumn, the leaves are as colourful as a crackling fire.”  

We entered the Spirit of Christmas Children’s Poetry Competition this week. Everybody worked really hard getting their creative heads in gear and we produced some fantastic poems! Oliver Renwick even received a Star Book certificate for his very thoughtful poem about a snowman.


In Numeracy, we have been collecting data about our classmates. We chose research questions that interested us and constructed tables to record our information. Once our information was collected, we sorted it using Venn diagrams. We learnt some interesting things about each other’s preferences from our favourite food, movies and music to where we like to go on holiday. Here is Sophia’s data collection:


In Topic, we have been talking again about Fall and using the time of year as a stimulus for writing poetry and drawing Fall scenes.


Last week, we collected leaves that we felt represented the colours of the season. This week we worked together to combine our collections into a whole class collage. We showed some fantastic team work skills and produced the start of a very striking piece of group art which will be on display in our classroom soon.


Have a lovely wekend!