Highmoor – 21st March

This week in Highmoor we have been doing some assessments to show off just how much learning we’ve done so far this year! It was tiring but we were all pleased with how hard we worked and Miss Tillotson was extremely pleased with the results!

To continue our Explorers and adventurers topic, we have been learning about the explorer Margaret Mee. She was a botanical artist who discovered many new species of plants in the Amazon rainforest. She completed many of her discoveries before digital cameras were in use and therefore had to sketch and paint her findings to be able to bring the information home.

We have been working hard at developing our Art skills by sketching flowers and plants just like Margaret Mee.


After creating accurate observational sketches, we experimented with water colour paints to see if they would be suitable for adding colour to our drawings.


Once we felt confident in using the water colours accurately, we painted our sketches to complete them.


On Thursday, we went for a walk in the local area to see what plants and flowers were growing. Using the sketching skills we had been working on earlier in the week, we recorded drawings of what we found just as Margaret Mee did in the Amazon.


Well done everybody for all the hard work this week!

Have a lovely weekend.