Highmoor – 17th January

This week has been action packed in Highmoor! We have moved forwards with our Heroes topic to a focus on The Armed Forces.

On Monday, we had a visit from Squadron Leader Barlow from the RAF. We learnt about many things including life in the RAF, some RAF history and all the different jobs available in the RAF.


Squadron Leader Barlow showed us each of his uniforms and we had an opportunity to try on the different hats he brought. We also looked at the medals he has received.


On Tuesday, we went to RAF Benson to meet more members of the RAF. They were all very friendly and full of information! They took us in the hangar to look around a Puma Helicopter! We also went inside some life saving dinghies and tried on some real kit!


From talking with Squadron Leader Barlow, we learnt how important it is for people in the Armed Forces to stay fit and healthy. When we were back at school, we had a visit from Mr Elson who taught us about the different components of fitness and ways to develop and maintain each one. These components include strength, co ordination, reaction time, aerobic fitness and flexibility.


In groups, we designed a training program that could be used to keep members of the Armed Forces fit and healthy. Here’s Finley demonstrating some flexibility!


At the end of last term, we were studying play scripts in Literacy. We looked at the play Bugsy Malone and identified the written features of the script. On Wednesday we went to see the drama students at Shiplake Collage perform. We were able to see how the written form of a play is used and transferred onto the stage to create a performance. Our favourite part was when everybody got attacked with splurge guns!

We ended the week on a very good note with the whole class receiving a star award for such beautifully impeccable behaviour whilst out of school representing Peppard! Well done to everyone!