Highmoor – 15th November

This week in Highmoor, we have been learning about how to use apostrophes. We have used apostrophes in our writing to show both missing letters and possession and we even know the confusing exception to the rule!

In Topic, we have been learning about the Autumn season and why it is called Fall in America. We went on a welly walk to explore some of the colours of the season.



Peppard Woods


We thought the woods were beautiful! We spent time gathering a collection of leaves that represented the colours of Autumn. We brought our findings back to the classroom and have been designing Fall inspired collages that will be completed next week.

In numeracy this week, we extended our learning about 2D polygons and have been exploring the properties of quadrilaterals. Well done to all for tackling the tongue twisting vocabulary!

Weekly spellings have changed slightly this week and children have new, red spelling books that are slightly larger. Spellings should be practiced as normal but in addition I would like children to find out the meaning of each word and write it in a sentence. Children will then be able to not only spell the word correctly but understand how to use it in the correct context in their writing.

Well done to all children involved in the car wash this week! A fantastic amount of money was raised!

Have a lovely weekend!