Highmoor – 13th December

This week we have been getting festive in Highmoor! During Art, we designed and made decorations for our Christmas tree whilst listening to Christmas music! Some of us wrote poems about Christmas and some of us made really long paper chains!


On Tuesday, we went to watch Foundation stage and Key Stage 1 perform their Christmas play Babushka. We thought they did a brilliant job and were very impressed with the performance!

We also went to the tennis club on Tuesday to have our last tennis session for the term. We were very sad to have our last session but had a great time! We played some fun games and our instructors wore silly Christmas hats!

When we got back to school, we decided to write thank-you cards to our instructors telling them about our memories of the sessions and what we have enjoyed most. We made them look Christmassy so we could wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!


In Numeracy this week, we have been improving our measuring skills and learning about units of length. We have been working with millimetres, centimetres and metres and converting between all three. This required lots of concentration as we needed to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 and work with decimal numbers.

In Science we designed an experiment to test which materials are conductors of electricity and which materials are insulators of electricity. We used many different objects from our classroom and recorded our results in a table. Our findings were very interesting. After comparing results as a whole class, we concluded that metal is the best conductor of electricity and that plastic, rubber and wood are insulators.



Well done to everybody for learning their times tables. Good results again this week!

Have a lovely weekend!