Highmoor – 10th January

We have had an exciting start to our new term. On Monday, everybody came to school dressed as a hero!

 Year 3 and 4

We spent some time discussing people who we think are heroes. We talked about what they have done to make them heroes and recorded all their different qualities.

One person we considered to be a hero was Florence Nightingale because of her hard work and dedication to the nursing profession. We read her story together, picking out key information. We discussed ways in which the author set the scene and introduced the characters and wrote a review for each chapter. Here is Matilda and Isobel’s work:


In numeracy we have started to learn about capacity. We spent time measuring amounts of liquid by reading from scales in millilitres and litres.

During the story of Florence Nightingale’s life, we discussed the importance of health and sanitation. It was thanks to Florence’s hard work and studying that people today are aware of the importance of a healthy diet. We moved on to learn about the 5 main food groups and thought of examples for each. We studied The Eatwell Plate which is a pie chart showing how much food we should eat from each food group to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.


For homework, we are keeping food diaries. Next week, we are going to review them to see if we are eating a balanced diet!

Spellings will be tested on Wednesday next week, Times tables will be tested on Friday and food diaries are due in Tuesday.

Enjoy the weekend!