Grey’s week – 22nd November 2013

We have had a busy week learning about road safety.  We used the netbooks to look up facts about the Green Cross Code and road safety. Here are some facts that Eden and William found.


We  have been remembering to look both ways and listen when we go across to the common and when crossing roads on our way to the swimming pool.


We went outside (braving the rain!) and undertook a traffic survey of the B481 and Church Lane.  On returning to the classroom we transferred the data we had collected onto bar graphs.

Asheleane and Kits were collecting data on the B481.


Freya and Charlie were collecting data on Church Lane.


Can you work out how many more cars were recorded on the B481 than on Church Lane? On which road were two pedestrians spotted?

We have made road safety videos. Please check back over the weekend and there will be a link to them.

We have been continuing rehearsals of our Christmas play “Babushka”. Please help your children learn not only their lines but also their cues, so they know when to speak!

The play is on December 11th – there will be an afternoon and evening performance.

This week Kits and Leigh have got into the starbook – congratulations!