Greys Class – 9th January 2014 – A call for props!

We had a wonderful first day back at school with the children all dressed as their heroes – ranging from Florence Nightingale to David Beckham.


In Greys class this week we have been studing the books of one of Mrs Rolph’s literary heroes – the author James Mayhew.  He has written a series of children’s books about the adventures of a little girl called Katie who visits art galleries and steps into real paintings, many found at the National Gallery in London, and interacting with the people and places in the paintings.

We have been starting the process of  bringing three paintings to life – by writing story lines, improvising dialogue and learning an appropriate French song about “Les Parapluies”.  The paintings we have chosen are ” Les Parapluies” by Renoir, “The Bathers at Asnieres” by Seurat and “The Blue Dancers” by Degas.

Next week we are aiming to combine our knowledge of French, Drama, Art and Literacy to create a film of  “Katie’s visit to our Art Gallery”.  To make this film extra special we need some props and costumes that are similar to those worn or used in the paintings.

Please look at the paintings and prop list below and see if you have anything at home that you could lend us to make our film extra special- we would be very grateful. Please make sure that anything that is lent is named or arrives in a named bag.  Also please only lend items that you do not mind being used by any member of the class as they will be allocated to the person whose character requires that item. They will all be looked after but please do not lend anything of great monetary or sentimental value!

katy pictures 003  blue dancerskaty pictures 048

Props for “The Blue Dancers” by Degas

4 blue tutu’s or any colour

4 pairs of ballet shoes

4 blue tops or leotards

4 blue scrunchies

Green background

The Bathers by Seurat

katy pictures 037       katy pictures 049

2 boaters

1 orange towel

1 floppy red sun hat

1 pair orange trunks

1 pair of red shorts or trunks

1 pair of black trousers

1 white shirt

1 bowler hat

1 toy dog (preferably a ginger spaniel).

A few toy sail boats

4 white t-shirts

1 grey vest

1 pair white trousers

Les Parapluies by Renoir

katy pictures 032      katy pictures 050


1 rectangular basket

Lots of big black umbrellas with long handles

Lots of black winter coats or jackets

1 brown coat

1 green coat

Old fashioned hats for ladies and gentlemen

1 long blue or black party dress

Costume for Katie

2 red bows

A red rain coat

1 blue dress

Light blue shoes