Greys Class – Week 29th November.

We have had a very mathematical week – doubling and halving numbers and shapes. Please do ask your child if they can tell you what double 4 is or double 11 etc..  Year 2 children have also been working out 1/4 of numbers to 20 or 100.

In Literacy we have been researching Polar Bears using the netbooks and both factual and fictional books. The children came up with some interesting  facts.

“Polar Bears hibernate” – Brandon

“Polar Bears lie on the snow to get dry” – Jessamy

“When the seal comes up the bear will spring and sink its jagged teeth into the head” – Jonty

Swimming has been a huge success this term and the improvement in the childrens swimming , and for some their confidence in water, has been remarkable. Remember we only have two more lessons left!

Babushka rehearsals are going well and we look forward to welcoming you on the 11th December at the 14.00 or 18.30 performance.

Here are a  couple of sneak previews of the dance rehearsal.

Babushka rehearsal 015

Babushka rehearsal 010

Remember gym kit on Monday for gymnastics.

The stars of the week this week are:

Zoe  for her doubling and halving numbers in mental maths.

Evie Y for her speech bubbles and nonsense words in literacy.