Greys Class – January 17th 2014

What an exciting week in Greys Class!

On Monday we had a visit from Squadron Leader Barlow who talked to the Year 2 children about life in the RAF.

katy pictures 093


The children had the opportunity to try on different hats.

katy pictures 087


They were able to hold real medals and learn about all the different jobs that there are in the RAF.

katy pictures 094

Throughout the week our classroom has been turned into a film studio.  We turned up on Tuesday morning to find a fabulous giant picture frame taking pride of place in the classroom! (Thank you Mr Byron!)

Thank you to all the people that helped bring in props enabling great works of art to come to life. The children worked very hard both in front of the camera and behind the scenes – incorporating Literacy, French, Dance, Music, Art, Drama and IT! A link to the finished film will be appearing shortly but until then please enjoy these still photos of our project.

 katy pictures 097

The Bathers by Seurat

katy pictures 098


Les Parapluies by Renoir


katy pictures 099

The Blue Dancers by Degas

katy pictures 100


In Maths this week some children have been consolidating their number bonds to 10 and  becoming confident with a 100 square adding  and subtracting 10. Other children have been rounding numbers up or down to the nearest 10, adding a single digit to a two digit number bridging 10 (using their knowledge of number bonds to 10).

They have also been solving number logic problems and creating their own

e.g. My  number is greater than 10 but less than 30. It is an even number and a multiple of 10. What number am I think of?  

These are good fun and an excellent way of encouraging children to use mathematical language and hone their mental maths skills. Why not try doing some of these at home!


This week you will find that your children have a homework booklet in their bag on becoming a hero. Their task this week is to be a Household Hero. Please can they record in their booklets what tasks they have performed to become the hero in your house. They can include photographs and drawings as well as writing. The booklets need to be back on Friday so that I can see what they have achieved.

Our stars of the week are:

Reece for writing a thoughtful and persuasive letter to James Mayhew asking him to come to our school. Reece thought of some very interesting questions that he would ask Mr Mayhew if he comes.

Kits for editing and shaping his writing – making it suitable to be used as a narration for the class film.