Greys Class – 4th April 2014

Greys Class started off the week with a science experiment to investigate whether the material a ramp was made out of would effect the distance a car would travel.  To make the experiment fair we kept the height of the ramp the same, the car the same and the length of the ramp the same – the only component we changed was the material for the ramp.

First we tried the car on a wooden ramp and it travelled 150 cm.

forces and dance 001

Then on leather and it travelled 140cm.

forces and dance 005

Next the car travelled down corrugated card 140cm – the same as Leather.

forces and dance 009

The Charlie sent the car down shiny plastic and it went 160cm.

forces and dance 010

Then Abby sent the car down a sandpaper ramp and it only managed 120cm.

forces and dance 012

Lastly Ben sent the car down a carpet ramp – and again the car travelled to a distance of 130cm.

forces and dance 013

We realised that the smoother the surface the less friction was created and the further the car travelled.

Henry Hyde contacted us from the time of the Industrial Revolution- he wanted us to find out what jobs children were allowed to do as he had seen very young children going to work.

When we had researched the lives of children at that time and the jobs they were required to do, we choreographed dances in groups that showed the mechanical, monotonous nature of work and life in the factories.

forces and dance 101

forces and dance 112

forces and dance 116

forces and dance 119

forces and dance 126

On Tuesday we had our last communication from Henry Hyde as he informed us that his Time Machine had headed into the future and was now broken. In pairs we designed our visions of a city in 200 years time, thinking how Henry can stay safe, stay full and stay warm. Good Luck Henry Hyde!

In the Easter Service the children presented the Story of Easter describing their associated art work with confidence and good clear diction. Well done!

Everyone in Greys class has worked incredibly hard this term.  Have a wonderful break over the Easter Holidays and get plenty of rest in preparation for a new set of adventures during the Summer Term.

Happy Easter from Mrs Rolph, Mrs Brealey and Mrs Clinkard!