Greys Class – 28th March 2014

This week Henry Hyde’s time machine landed him at the time of British Empire. He contacted us requesting  advice on the customs and dress he should be aware of when he attended a ball.

We learnt that people in the Georgian times were very polite and were very controlled in their movements when dancing.  The men often stood in a line opposite the ladies – they began by bowing or curtseying to their partner.


Here are the polite and elegant boys and girls of Greys Class greeting each other respectfully.

058 Here are the boys bowing respectfully to their partners.

055 And the girls standing in an elegant row waiting to begin the dance.









We then proceeded to count four beats in the bar and then  moved  gracefully in time with the music. Here are some pictures of us dancing.





In RE this week we have been learning about the Easter story and we created collage pictures which we will use to help tell the story as part of the Easter Service. If you would like to see the finished works then make sure you come to Peppard Church at 11am on Thursday.


Palm Sunday.


The Last Supper – (The disciples and Jesus yet to be added!)


Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane.


Jesus on the cross.


The stone in front of the tomb is rolled away – The Resurrection.

The children have worked hard on creating acrostic poems about their mums which can be seen on Sunday. They also have been very creative with their present making – I will leave this as a surprise!

In Science we have undertaken a fair test to see if the height of a ramp effected the distance a car would travel along the carpet.  We needed to keep the ramp and the car the same and end the ramp at the same point to ensure our results accurately showed the different distances the car travelled.  The only component we changed each time was the amount of bricks holding up the ramp. We then used a ruler to measure the distance the car travelled and put the results on a graph.

In Maths – the Year 1’s have been relating addition and subtraction number bonds by discussing the relationship between the numbers used. E.g. If 6 + 2 = 8 then 8 – 2 = 6 or 8 – 6 =2.

The Year 2’s have been looking at a variety of Mathematical problems and working through the answers as a group.

Today some of the children have been working as reporters writing about events of the term that will be appearing in the next issue of Peppard News! Here are some pictures of them taken in our temporary newsroom.






Allow me to take this opportunity to wish all the Mums a very happy Mothers Day.

One more week until the Easter Holidays – so please can everyone remember their PE kit on Monday (for our last dance lesson) and their spelling books on Tuesday. Year 2’s keep practicing your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


Our stars of the week are William and Immy. Well done!