Greys class 1st July

We began our new topic this week ‘Where will the wheels on the bus take us?’ which will cover all types of transport, past and present.

On Wednesday afternoon Oxfordshire Museum Services came in and told us all about William Morris and the history of the motor car.

We enjoyed trying on the goggles.



We learnt that during the war William Morris made bombs and helmets. Ruby was very brave when she held the bomb.

oms bomb

We looked at the different parts of old cars and had to guess what they were used for.


The following day we thought about why we travel and what types of transport we use. We looked at transport, past and present and arranged different types on a timeline.

travelwhy people travel

We then learnt all about Viking longships, which were one of the earliest forms of transport and designed our own. After that we tried to sell our longships to the class, some of us were very persuasive and passionate in our sales techniques. If anybody would like to learn more about the Viking longships the website that we were looking at was .


We also compared an early motor car to a modern day one and identified the similarities and differences.

In Literacy we continued with Poetry and had a fabulous Big Write on Thursday when we got to write our own ‘If I were a …..’ poems. Some of us imagined that we were clowns, horses, footballers, chocolate cake and the list was endless. We used alliteration, adjectives and similes to make our writing more interesting.

We continued researching the solar system on and we identified the symbols for the different planets and wrote clues for each other about different planets. It was really interesting learning lots of different facts and then sharing our findings.

The Year 1s have been using their number bonds to help them add single digit numbers to 2 digit numbers and the Year 2s have been using the partitioning method and counting up/ counting back to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers.

sienna maths

Astrid took Show and Tell to a whole new level this week and brought in her bicycle!

astrid show and tell

Show and Tell next week will be about Transport

Monday – Josie

Tuesday – Jamie

Wednesday – Isobel

Thursday – Joseph

Friday – Dylan

We have been busy practising for the Production so can you please remember to bring in costumes for the Production by Friday 8th July latest.

playplay 2play 3

Homework this weekend is for the children to learn their words to the songs that they will be singing in Dream on.


HaveĀ  a lovely weekend!