Greys Class -14th February 2014

This week has seen the culmination of our half terms work on heroes.

We have been concentrating on being Friendship Heroes and have made a Friendship Tree display – with each leaf representing a kind deed that has been done. It is wonderful to see so many thoughtful and generous acts performed by Greys Class. Although our topic will no longer be heroes next term, a hero never stops their good work, so I look forward to seeing many more selfless acts.

Senses 017

The children’s hard work and research into the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole ended this week as they wrote their final chapter about which one of these amazing heroines that they would like to have met and why. The children all came back with some very thoughtful ideas:

” I would like to meet Mary  because when nobody wanted her she never gave up and she was very brave and I really like her and I am very proud. And I think that she should be more well known now! Even though I’m doing Florence I like Mary a lot more than Florence because she didn’t let Mary join the nurses.” – Georgia


“I think mine is Florence Nightingale. I think it was a good idea to put her hospital in Turkey because it would get knocked down because of the war (if it was in the Crimea). She set up the first nurses training school it was a good idea because she could teach nurses how to be a nurse. She changed the hospitals from dirty to clean.” William

I think Mary is more brave as she went on the battlefield”.  Lily

Florence Nightingale had courage and bravery in her ”  Eden

“Mary Seacole because she helped the soldiers very well she is a good lady and she helped the man with diahorrea and Mary bent down to the soldiers and said “are you all right?” Jake

And to end with Archie:

“Thank you, Thank you both of you. Thank you.”

We have also been finishing off our work on the senses – writing our names in Braille and composing questions that our friends had to answer. We used stickers so that we could feel the raised surface with our finger.

Senses 015

We also created an obstacle course which had to be completed by a child with their eyes shut. They had to follow the clear instructions from their partner to safely travel to the other side of the room. The children thought about what to say carefully and everyone reached the other side unharmed!

Senses 001

In Maths Year 2 have been answering number problems based around the 5 times table and the Year 1’s have been working on number facts- concentrating on odds and evens and multiples of 2.

It has been a very enjoyable term and all the children in Greys class have worked incredibly hard. Their homework hero passports have been completed to a very high standard – we have discovered that Greys Class are all Heroes!

We look forward to the visit of James Mayhew next term.

Have a super half term and come back to school rested and ready for “A Journey Through Time”.

Our Stars of the week are Kea and Georgia for their detailed research into the life of Florence Nightingale and for Bethan for her thoughtful and intelligent questions in all lessons. Well done!