Greys – 21st March 2014

This week the children have been continuing their work on block graphs and pictographs in Maths.  The Year 2 children went around the school making a pictograph as they went along of the different colour of doors – they then used this information to create a block graph.

The Year 1 children were given a selection of gummy bears which they made into a 3D pictograph.

IMG_0379 IMG_0377

The Year 2’s role played scenes based around castle life in the Medieval Times.



In this picture Nina and May were the Lord and Lady of the castle eating a selection of meals that were cooked for them by Lily and served by William and Kai.


In this scene Jake and Michael  was a robber, Louie was the guard and Bethan and Felictiy were the Lord and Lady of the castle .


Here Kits and Kea were being held in prison by Archie the guard under the direction of the Lady of the Castle – Georgia.

When we time travelled to the time of the Plague the children created new verses for Ring a ring a roses and magic squares to ward off the plague arriving  in Greys class.


In RE the children have been learning about Palm Sunday and have made their own Palm leaves.



Today we sadly say Goodbye to the wonderful Miss Mander who has been teaching in our class for the last term as part of her PGCE. She has led Greys Class on many of our Time Travelling adventures from the Stone Age to The Plague! We will miss Miss Mander but wish her good luck on her next placement and her journey to become a qualified teacher.


Next week we will not be having Dance on Monday but please do bring in PE kit so that it is in school. Do check your child’s PE  Kit to make sure that they have not picked up anyone’s clothes by accident, also please check trainers to make sure that they still fit!

Everyone needs to remember spelling books on Tuesday.

Please help all Year 2’s  become confident in knowing their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Please help all Year 1’s become confident in knowing their number bonds to 10.