Film Premiere – Greys Class 24th January

All Greys Class hard work over the last couple of weeks has paid off with this wonderful film about Katie’s adventures in Greys Class Art Gallery. Today the children finally got to see the edited video of our Katie film. Please do go and watch it on the school video site.

We have written to James Mayhew the author of the Katie books to tell him about our video and how inspirational and fun we have found the stories.

Greys Class have had another busy week learning about two heroines from the 19th Century – Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. After thinking of questions we wanted answered about their lives, we watched some documentaries and used the netbook computers to begin our research on these two amazing women. We will be continuing our research using books and IT over the next couple of weeks culminating in creating information books of our own. If you are not familiar with the incredible story of Mary Seacole then make sure that you ask your child! If you have any information books at home that could aid our research then please do bring them in (clearly named).

On Tuesday Highmoor class took our PE Lesson. They have been creating a fitness regime for the RAF and needed to try out their ideas on some willing volunteers! Greys class were stretched, challenged and encouraged to try a variety of exercises – and were very impressed by the knowledge and support of Highmoor.
“Thank you for being so thoughtful to help us to be fit like a soldier. I really enjoyed Max’s group.” Jaco
Here are some photos of us doing the activities.

Highmoor teaching Greys PE 054 Highmoor teaching Greys PE 018

Highmoor teaching Greys PE 030

Highmoor teaching Greys PE 038

Highmoor teaching Greys PE 042

Highmoor teaching Greys PE 051

Please remember that homework this week is to be a Neighbourhood Hero.
Can you visit a neighbour or family member and offer to be their neighbourhood hero. Maybe sweep the leaves, post some letters or clear some snow!