Worship Council

We had a lovely Church service based on the value of Integrity this week.  The children had explored what integrity means to them and then put together a contribution for our service.  We thoroughly enjoyed learning from them all.  Well done.

A big thank you to the Worship council for introducing Ash Wednesday which will be the theme for Church next Wednesday.  The Worship Council had a meeting with Reverend James and learned about Ash Wednesday and Lent and then shared this information with the rest of the school.

Next Wednesday will also be a Governors Assembly and we have asked for their favourite hymns to be sung at the service.

Please join us on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 9 am.  Tea and coffee will be available after the service in the Church.

Welcome to our Worship council page.

We have had a busy meeting with Reverend James Stickings to write our prayers for the next Church assembly which will be around the theme of Integrity.  The children remembered the stories that they have learned about integrity and they also remembered what Integrity means to them.  We based our prayers on their ideas.

We have also written a prayer for the school to say before lunch each day.  The children will teach it to the school during a Worship assembly.

Please join us at the next Church assembly on:

Wednesday 1st February 2017 at 9.00.