Springwood’s Week, 28th November

This week, Springwood have been looking at fractions in Maths. We started the week by learning about improper fractions and how to write them as mixed numbers. We then moved on to adding and subtracting fractions, and ended the week by finding fractions of amounts.

In Literacy, we have been looking at the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. The book is very interesting because instead of words, it has extremely detailed pictures. We have been using the book to interview characters to compare direct and reported speech. Using our interviews, we will write reports on the incident next week.

Continuing with our topic work, we have been looking at Native American tribes and the places that they settled in Michigan, thinking about why they settled where they did. After reading articles about the tribes, we labelled a map with lakes and rivers, then colour coded it according to where the tribes settled.

We finished the week by investigating paper aeroplanes. In pairs, we attached paperclips, bulldog clips or plastic pegs to paper aeroplanes to investigate the effect that this would have on their flight. We found that if the weights were put in certain places, it could cause the aeroplanes to fly in weird and wonderful directions!


Springwood’s week, 21st November

This week in Literacy, we have been writing balanced arguments. We focused on the motion that sports teams should be made up of men and women. We prepared arguments, then had a debate on it, where the class split into two. It could have gone on for hours!


In Maths, we have been learning to add and subtract decimal numbers.We used the number line method.We added multiples of 0.1, 0.01 and even 0.001! Additionally, four year fives went to a maths challenge at The Oratory. They really enjoyed it.

In topic, we are learning about the  U.S.A. We have been given a state each and we have been researching it. Miss Ballantyne told us that we are going to make a brochure about our state.

Mimi won the friendship award this week. The friendship award is when all the class nominates a person that has been kind and helpful. In Springwood, Aliya and Max got into Starbook. Aliya got in for maths, and Max got in for literacy.

The day finished with a cross country competition, with two other schools in attendance. Everybody persevered, despite the mud and the rain!

By:Mimi and Ellie Mae.

Springwood’s Week 14th November

This week, Springwood class have been dividing numbers in maths. We started the week by learning long division by chunking, and once we mastered that, we moved on to short division. On Friday, we were able to tackle some word problems using the methods we’d learnt throughout in the week.

We have also been learning about argument and debate in literacy. We studied an argument about whether CCTV cameras should be  in classrooms, looking at the features of written arguments and the ways that opinions could be presented as fact. Next week, we will prepare and hold a debate about whether sports teams should be made up of both men and women – a topic which we voted on in class.

Our new topic is ‘What’s so special about the USA’. We are creating our own information leaflets about a specific state, and have started doing research about this. Here are some additional websites that the class  may find useful:









Thursday was jam-packed with sport, as we went swimming in the morning, and in the afternoon played football in the rain. We also got out musical instruments and began to compose a piece of music with Mrs Clinkard.DSC02390On Friday, it was Children in Need, so we had a dress down day. We complimented our outfits by making cat masks, which we will use in the work we do with Reverend Susan.


Springwood’s Week, 7th November

This week, Springwood have been finishing off their topic work by looking at maps. We have looked at the symbols used on OS maps, and at how to find grid references.

DSC02385 DSC02386 DSC02388 DSC02389

In Literacy, we have been writing a story about a boy who finds a magic box. We focussed on structuring our writing using the story mountain, then re-reading and improving our work, using a good range of sentence starters.

Our maths work has been based around factors, multiples and fractions. We started the week finding common multiples and common factors of different numbers, and towards the end of the week compared fractions with different denominators.

A photographer came on Thursday to take our photographs for the school calendar. It was a bit cold, but we braved the wind with smiling faces. We had a great first week back!



Springwood’s Week, 17th October


This week, Springwood have spent their lunchtimes looming! With the help of children throughout the school, we loomed over 120 metres of bands in our contribution towards a world record attempt for the charity ‘Blue Skye Thinking’, which supports the research and treatment of childhood brain tumours. DSC02342

Our Literacy focus this week has been on the Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’. We have written our own play scripts, and done presentations about different scenes. We also looked at the subjunctive form of verbs.DSC02345 DSC02359 DSC02368

We have been converting from metres to kilometres in our maths lessons, and working out intervals of time. We have also been looking at 12 hour and 24 hour clocks.

In our topic lessons, we have been looking at the water cycle. After revising how the water cycle works, we used atlases and fact sheets to investigate weather around the world. We looked at how the water cycle is affected by a country’s position on the globe. DSC02369

Have a lovely weekend!

Springwood, 10th October

This week Springwood has had a good week.

We started our new topic, ‘Will we ever see the water we drink again?’. We were city managers, and our city was in drought. We had to decide what businesses and services to close and what to keep open. We found it quite challenging (especially those of us who can’t live without a hairdresser!).

???????????????????????????????On Wednesday, the year sixes went to Chiltern Edge to do a performing arts day. They had a good day. They were separated into three groups with the other schools. They practised for a show they were going to perform in front of the parents at the end.

While the year sixes went to do that, the year fives went to Kenylands gymnastics in their place. The year fives had loads of fun.

For the past two weeks, we have been doing work on Shakespeare. This week we have been doing Macbeth. We have been acting and writing all about Shakespeare`s plays.

Today, all of Springwood went to the Regal cinema in Henley to watch ‘Ten Pieces’, a film in which ten pieces of classical music are brought to life. We really enjoyed listening to the different pieces of music; our favourites were Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ by Grieg. We have found this week very fun!

That is what we did this week!

Springwood’s Week, 3rd October.

This week in Springwood, we did work on chromatography and rusting in Science, adding two digit numbers and decimals mentally in Maths, we attended ‘Eurovision’ at Chiltern Edge School and learned about Shakespeare in Literacy. Additionally, the school council did a class assembly, including readings from the bible on God’s creation of the world.

???????????????????????????????In Science, we did two experiments. One investigated how rust formed on nails when they were left in water, and the other was a chromatography experiment where we separated the different colours in a range of inks.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In Maths, we used mental strategies to first add two digit numbers, then numbers with three digits.We also added decimals mentally, and using the column method.

In English we have been learning about Shakespeare. We researched his life using the laptops, then wrote a summary of Romeo and Juliet.

On the day of Eurovison, we spent the morning at Chiltern Edge School. We really enjoyed listening to the other school’s entries, particularly Thameside’s rendition of ‘La Bamba’. We are very proud to have come  second in the competition.

IMG_1959On the final day of the week, Lillibeth and Katie held a cake sale in aid of an orphanage in Mongolia called ‘Lotus Children’s Centre’ (www.lotuschild.org). The cakes were extremely popular, and thanks to the support of the school community, over £70 was raised.

Springwood have a very busy week next week, so do try to get some rest and enjoy the weekend!



Springwood’s Week, 24th September

In Science this week, we have been looking further at irreversible changes. We got really messy while working with plaster of paris, and began an investigation into what causes nails to rust.

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In Literacy, we have been trying our hand at writing mystery stories, focusing on using paragraphs to create a clear structure. Our Maths lessons have seen us working with 5 and 6 digit numbers to do addition sums, write inequalities and make estimates.

Springwood have also been busy practising a short play for the Harvest Festival service which will be held on Monday at the church. The service starts at 9.15 am – please do come along!

Lillibeth has organised a Bake Sale for 2.30 p.m. on Friday 3rd October in aid of the Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia. Any cakes will be gratefully received!

Springwood – 19th September

While the year sixes have been away at the Manor, year fives have been very busy this week. In numeracy we have worked hard on a different method for long multiplication.
In literacy we have read lots of short stories, some of them were quite scary but exciting! We’ve also looked at adverbials and created some story tags.

Science this week was very practical. We looked at reversible and irreversible changes.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

We hope the year sixes had a great time at the manor and look forward to seeing them Monday!