Springwood’s Week – 10th June

Springwood have had a really jam-packed week! On Monday we had a visit from Georgia at the Fragrance Foundation. Springwood were introduced to a range of smells which they had to describe and evaluate. Some of them were really pungent!!

IMG_5880 IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5886

Following the workshop, we began to come up with powerful adjectives to describe different scents. We thought about how we could incorporate scent into a poem, and will be writing poetry for a competition.

On Wednesday, we continued to work on our ‘Make £5 Grow’ ideas. We developed business plans to ensure that we had fully thought about whether our ideas would be profitable. Following this, we placed orders for some of the items that we would need.

In the afternoon, we went to a Quad Kids competition at Chiltern Edge. We were such excellent sportsmen, and a real credit to the school.

It was very exciting to have our photographs taken on Thursday morning. We then made bunting for the street party, while rehearsing our summer production.

In the afternoon, the street party was a real success and Springwood class really looked after the younger children. Please see the other post for photographs.

The whole class were thrilled to come in on Friday to find that all of the items that they had ordered from the supermarket had arrived!IMG_7101

We began to sort through all of the items…


We had to measure out and scale ingredients.


Some of us divided large packs of sweets up into smaller bags.

IMG_5898 IMG_5899 IMG_5900 IMG_5901

We input what we had spent so far into the profit and loss spreadsheets that we had set up a few weeks ago. We’ve all managed to stay within budget so far.IMG_5902 IMG_5903 IMG_5904 IMG_5905

We created a clear price structure and ensured that we had developed clear posters to display these to our punters.

IMG_5907 IMG_5908

We can’t wait to start selling on Tuesday afternoon!

Springwood’s Week – 27th May

As you may know, Springwood have been working on their ‘Make £5 Grow’ enterprises. They plan to put their ideas into practise on Tuesday 14th June. These are the stalls that will be set up:

Marvellous Mini Games

Have fun guessing how many smarties are in a jar, and getting donuts off a string without using your hands.

Fun Making Biscuit Decorating

Have fun decorating your biscuit your own way. Something yummy to eat yourself or a great gift for family or friends, with pink lemonade to cool you down.

Bakery Goodies and Ice Pops

Our mouth-watering goodies are full of flavour and are perfect for a wicked treat. We cater for gluten free, nut free and dairy free diets with our home-baked cookies.

With the Mr Freeze ice pops, make your tastebuds pop. Loads of flavours – including the new limited edition blue raspberry ice pop – take flavour to a whole new level.

Lightning Toy Store

Lots of great toys being sold for a great price! Come to our store and get temporary tattoos, stuffed toys, finger traps and stickers. Don’t forget to say hi to our mascot, Buzz. Pay 5p to hear a quote from him or see him flap his wings!

Truffles Galore and Strike it Lucky

Delicious truffles, handmade with love and care.

Strike it lucky – you could score a goal!

Fairground Fun

Freshly popped popcorn, sweet candy floss, wonderful waffles, sugary sweets and marvellous mini donuts. Sink your teeth into these delicious goodies and enjoy the burst of flavour in your mouth!


This week, after learning about what enterprise is, Springwood have developed their business ideas. They set up Profit and Loss spreadsheets, which used numerous sheets and conditional formatting. Following this, each group researched their ideas and decided how they would go about producing their items, including what would need to be bought and how much it would cost.

IMG_5701 IMG_5700

After developing their ideas, they had to pitch them to the rest of the class.

IMG_5716Year 5 did extremely well during their English Speaking Board assessments, in which they had to learn and perform a poem, read from a book and do a short talk on something of their choice.

On Friday afternoon, Springwood joined up with Peppard class. They especially enjoyed the dressing up box!IMG_5733 IMG_5741 IMG_5743 IMG_5754 IMG_5749

Springwood have been asked to learn their lines over half term, ready for Tuesday on the first week back.



Springwood’s Week – 20th May

Springwood have had a very exciting week!

On Monday, we learned that the summer production will be ‘Dream On’, an adaptation of a Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.

Tuesday saw us bell boating in Henley. We had a lot of fun (and got very wet)!!

IMG_0549 IMG_0509 IMG_0525

We performed very well during our auditions on Wednesday morning. Everybody was really brave and there was some excellent acting.

On Thursday morning, we made Malteser traybakes. Although challenging, it was a lot of fun to measure the ingredients and follow the recipe instructions carefully.

IMG_0037 (3) IMG_5673 IMG_5662

IMG_5654 IMG_5642 IMG_5639

During singing assembly, we performed some of the songs we’d been practising on our ukuleles.IMG_5679That afternoon, we learned what our roles would be.

Now experts in making traybakes, on Friday we wrote our own instructions for the recipe.

Springwood have been asked to read through their scripts over the weekend. Enjoy!

Springwood’s week, 13th May

As most people are aware, this week year 6 had a number of SATs tests. Prior to the tests, they had toast with nutella, jam or butter. Apparently, toast served with a serviette tastes much better than when it’s on a plate at home!!

The year 6s did so well this week to remain calm and to do their best. We are extremely proud of them. Well done year 6!

While year 6 sat their tests, year 5 worked on the classification of shapes, and revised terminology such as perpendicular and parallel.

On Monday afternoon, the whole class imagined that they were an explorer and wrote a letter back to their families. First, we role played a telephone call back to them from the jungle, which helped with our writing.


We didn’t have ukulele on Tuesday afternoon this week, so instead we designed a logo for an aeroplane. We had to consider how to make our design simple, yet still embed in it something that would make it obvious what the business was.

After their last exam on Thursday, we had a debate which explored whether or not women should play in professional sports alongside men. It was very lively and we came up with some great arguments.

As a reward for their hard work, we took the children on to the common for ice cream in the afternoon.

On Friday, we had ukulele. We really enjoyed teaching Rob some of the songs we had been learning independently, including Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’. Following lunch, we played rounders in house teams with Highmoor class.

Next week, Springwood will find out what the play is. On Tuesday, Springwood will be Bell Boating on the Thames in Henley, and on Thursday they will be performing on their ukuleles in singing assembly. Parents are welcome to come along!


Springwood’s week – 22nd April

This week, we have continued our work in Literacy on Greek Myths. We have read a number of myths and have explored the themes in each. On Friday we had a rather lively debate over whether Jason, Perseus or Theseus should be the hero to defend a town under threat. IMG_5511 IMG_5510

In Science and DT we have been looking at forces. We investigated and created a number of different paper aeroplane designs, then flew them to see which would fly the furthest. We flew each plane 3 times, measuring the distance covered and finding the average of the three flights.



Our maths work has covered a number of topics, including measuring and drawing angles, and determining the lines of symmetry of shapes. We are working on drawing polygons to given dimensions and angles, as well as translating and reflecting shapes.

Some of us have been taking part in a cycling proficiency course, which has been thoroughly enjoyed.

We have another busy week next week! Please could all children have their PE kits in school from Monday to Friday, and ukuleles in school on Thursdays.

Springwood’s Week – 18th March

Springwood have had another exciting week, with Henley Youth Festival taking place. On Monday, we took part in a Brazilian/Samba dance workshop at Sonning Common Primary School. It was really fun!


IMG_5284 IMG_5302

We looked at Roman Numerals in maths, initially looking at how to write years and then moving on to much larger numbers.

In Literacy, we investigated the presentational devices used to lay out an information text. We thought about cohesion throughout a text, and then researched the question ‘What is blood for?’. Having come up with a number of ways to answer the question, we composed our own eBook screens.

In our Topic lesson, we investigated how different aspects of Mayan culture were portrayed through art, and how light and shadow are used to affect the viewer’s perception of the Mayans.


Friday morning was very enjoyable as we took a trip to St Mary’s school to watch the Young Shakespeare Company’s interpretation of ‘The Tempest’. Lois was selected to get involved as Gonzalo.IMG_5341

Next week, children will need their PE kits on Monday as usual for Hockey, and their Swimming kits on Tuesday.

Springwood’s Week – 11th March

In Springwood’s words:

Michael, “This week it was assessment week, where we did lots of different tests.”

OJ, “In IT, we were taking pictures from a website and editing the website to change the picture that was displayed.”



Finley, “We learned that the Mayans wrote in heiroglyphics and they merged different letters together into one hieroglyphic to make a logogram.”


Here we are doing a treasure hunt around the classroom for information about Mayan writing:





Ellie Mae, “On Tuesday we wrote a commentary on a Pok Ta Pok game.”

The class learned about a Mayan ball game, Pok Ta Pok, the result of which was usually fateful. Winners were feasted, while losers were were sometimes killed as a form of religious sacrifice. The game was held in high esteem, with chieftains and religious leaders in attendance.

Oliver R, “On Thursday, we wrote an article on a Pok Ta Pok game (a Mayan ball game). We were asked to include powerful verbs. It was very fun and people created their own versions of the game. We read them out to the class afterwards.”

Charlie, “In the Y5 swimming group, we did front crawl.”

Ava, “In the Y6 swimming, some of us learned to dive whilst the other group learned to do some life saving.”

Joe, “In our ukulele lesson, we went through the song ‘King of the Swingers’.”

During the course of  our R.E unit about Islam we have been colouring these beautiful islamic patterns.

IMG_1581 IMG_1580 IMG_1579

Next week is Henley Youth Festival. Children will need their PE kits in school on Monday to take part in a dance workshop. Swimming and Ukulele will take place as usual.

Springwood’s Week – 4th March




It’s the end of another busy week. In our maths lessons, we’ve been learning about shape. We’ve investigated the area and perimeter of compound shapes, and some of us have even looked at the area of triangles and parallelograms. Towards the end of the week, we began to learn how to calculate the volume of cuboids.


IMG_5211 IMG_5212 IMG_5213

In our topic lesson, we learned about the number system the Mayans used, which was base 20 as opposed to base 10, and used lines, dots and shells to represent each number. It was a challenge for us to work out what different sequences of symbols meant.

Springwood have continued their work on ‘blood’ in literacy. After considering whether or not people should be paid to give blood, we held a formal debate.


We were very good at considering what the other person had said, and then countering it. With knowledge of a range of facts about blood donation in the UK, we looked at the features of good advertisements, then planned and wrote our own advert to encourage blood donation.

On World Book Day, we all dressed up as characters from our favourite books. We looked amazing! Here we are in costume, painting daffodils for our Mothers’ Day cards.IMG_5220

During our IT lesson, we learned about HTML code. We were able to ‘hack’ websites that we visited to change their appearance using Mozilla’s X-ray Goggles. You can see some of our work below…

IMG_5222 IMG_5221

IMG_5223 IMG_5224

We were able to listen to a range of books this week, when our class was visited by different teachers. We enjoyed listening to different teachers’ recommended reads.

Have a lovely weekend!

Springwood’s Week – 26th February

Springwood have had an exciting first week back from half term. We have continued with our work in Maths surrounding fractions. On Monday, we multiplied fractions. Some of us multiplied fractions by whole numbers, whilst others of us multiplied pairs of fractions together. Throughout the week, we moved on to dividing fractions, short and long division, and word problems which involved the aforementioned. We are improving at selecting the appropriate operation to solve the problem.

We started a new unit of work in Literacy. It is a non fiction unit which looks at many different aspects of blood, including its role in the circulatory system and animals that survive by sucking blood! We have explored the features of report texts and of recounts, and ended the week by writing a ‘recount’ of an explorer that was bitten by either a bat or a mosquito.



Our grammar work this week has revisited the use of relative clauses to create complex sentences. Relative clauses are clauses which begin with words such as who, whose and which. They are used to add additional information after a noun. We produced some really interesting sentences, such as ‘The terrifying minotaur, whose breath stunk of rotten shrimp, charged at Theseus’.

In our topic lesson on Monday, we began to learn about the Mayans. We found out facts about the Mayan civilisation, including who the Mayans were and where they lived. We will continue to explore this next week.


During our computing lesson, we investigated how the world wide web is is one of the services offered on the internet, and the web pages that it consists of. We came up with our own ideas for projects, and considered the different ways in which we could use the internet to complete them.

We finished off our Friday with a grammar quiz. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!