Springwood’s Week – 2nd December

This week, it has been assessment week, and Springwood have worked hard to get through them.

As well as doing assessments, on Monday, Springwood completed an advent chain for the church service. On each link of the chain, they wrote a promise. These, as well as research by the children about advent, were read out at the church service on Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, the children used the laptops to research the question, ‘How is water used to provide energy to places?’. They used the internet to inform a Powerpoint presentation, which they will continue with next week.

Wednesday saw us revising a range of grammar topics, including apostrophes for contractions and possession, homophones such as their/they’re/there and two/too/to, and prefixes.

We ended the week with a trip to Foundation class…




Springwood’s week, 25th November

This week in Maths, Springwood have been working with different units of measurement. We began the week by converting between grams and kilograms, and millilitres and litres. We then moved on to looking at converting between meters and kilometres, and learned about the relationship between miles and kilometers. On Wednesday, the children were introduced to ounces, pounds, stone, feet, inches, and pints. We began to convert between these units of measure. Our final maths lesson of the week involved us measuring our heights in cm and converting to feet and inches, weighing ourselves in kg and converting to stones and pounds and converting imperial recipes to metric.

img_0623 img_0624 img_0625 img_0626

In Literacy this week, we have been looking at persuasive writing and the creation of balanced arguments. We have analysed a series of persuasive texts, including an advert,  a persuasive letter, and a discussion text. This culminated in the children writing a discussion text on whether the school day should change from 9-3.30 to 7-1.30. Ultimately, the class were split as to whether it should change.

In Geography, the children learned about the difference between weather and climate, as well as different types of climate. They went on to learn about a number of different biomes, and the properties of them. Following this, the children learned some of the key vocabulary to do with rivers, including source, tributaries and meander. Next, they learned about the plates that make up the Earth, including why earthquakes happen and how mountains and volcanoes are formed. Finally, we looked at the water cycle, and armed with graphs recording the weather in two cities, discussed which, of a number of statements, fit each place.

On Thursday afternoon, we had a visit from the Berkshire Fire and Rescue service. We learned what to do in the event of a fire: get out, stay out, call 999. We also learned how to tell if a smoke alarm is running out of battery. Following this, we had a music lesson, in which we practised a song for the Christingle service. We continued to learn about weather forecasts in French.

The children have been asked to create a poster about the water cycle for their homework. This can either be e-mailed in, or brought into school as a hard copy on Monday.





Springwood’s Week – 11th November

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This week, Springwood have been working with division. We have practised long and short division, and have then attempted to decipher word problems involving this.


In our Literacy work, we have been looking at a series of poems by Ted Hughes. The children have analysed the language, and have written a number of similes using the same format as in one of the poems.


On Wednesday, we tried out the new oven. The children made bread! They weighed and measured the ingredients, and mixed them together. They then kneaded the dough, and shaped it into rolls. By all accounts, they were delicious!

img_0556 img_0560 img_0568


Springwood’s week – 7th October


Springwood have had another exciting week!

In Maths, Springwood have continued to work with money. They have found change using a the frog method, and using column subtraction. The children have looked at a number of word problems, including adding a number of amounts before finding change. Children had to select an appropriate method to use to solve the problem, and checked their answers using rounding.


In Literacy, the children revised speech punctuation, and wrote an improvised scene from Friend or Foe. They used the text to investigate how the characters’ views towards the airmen changed, and began to consider whether the airmen were friend or foe.

All of us have become very involved in designing our cat trees. This week, we did some market research; we designed a survey of the features of our cat trees and asked other children in the class for their views on the features. These then fed into our revised designs.

img_0120 img_0121

In our computing lesson, we continued our work on algorithms. Here, we passed balls around with letters written on them. Each child was a different letter. There were 2 balls with each child’s letter on, except for one letter which only had one ball. The balls were mixed up and the children had to pass them around, only one ball moving at a time to a neighbouring child. The aim was for everybody to end up with their own letters. The children had to work cooperatively to avoid ‘deadlock’ in which nothing moves.

img_0122 img_0123

In our science lesson, the children made ‘alien soup’, which contained water, sand, salt, multilink cubes, pasta and iron filings. They then had to select appropriate equipment to separate the mixture back out again, from magnets, sieves, colanders, funnels, filter paper, syringes and cylindrical beakers.img_0137 img_0138 img_0139 img_0140 img_0141 img_0143 img_0144 img_0145 img_0146 img_0147

They were interested to note how the iron filings took on the shape of the magnet’s field.

Next week, it would be useful if children could bring in some old magazines or newspapers for Wednesday, to be used during a Literacy lesson to aid in planning a story.

Because we will be taking part in the Eurovision song contest at Chiltern Edge, there will be no gym on Wednesday.

Springwood’s Week – 30th September

This week, Springwood have worked very hard.


We continued to read Friend or Foe in our Literacy topic. The children put themselves in the shoes of one of the characters, who was battling with his decision over whether or not to steal food for starving soldiers. They acted as his conscience in a debate.img_0073 img_0074

Springwood imagined a scene in which Davey told Mr Reynolds what he had done. They role played the scene and will write it in their Literacy books next lesson.


img_0077 img_0078 img_0079 img_0080

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to see Elen Caldecott talk about one of her novels as part of the Henley Literary Festival. Elen was very engaging, and explained the writing process. Together, the audience planned a story, with lots of input from Peppard pupils.img_0089


For the harvest church service next week, Springwood have been composing a poem. Together, we agreed on the topic of each stanza of the poem, as well as the rhyme and syllable structure. Everybody then had a go at penning each line, and a class vote decided on the ultimate poem.img_0096 img_0097

In Maths, Springwood have been continuing to work on place value with regards to decimals. This week, we have done further work on number lines, as well as addition of amounts of money. To help the children to check their work, Springwood have been estimating an answer by rounding to begin with.

Please could all PE kits be in school next week. Topic homework is due in on Monday.

Springwood’s Week – 23rd September

Springwood have had another busy week.

In maths, we have been working on place value. We started the week by placing 5 and 6 digit numbers on number lines, and we revised column addition. We then looked at multiplying and dividing two and three decimal place numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Having mastered this, we moved on to comparing numbers with 2 or 3 decimal places, and putting them on a number line.

img_0024 img_0025 img_0026 img_0027 img_0028

In literacy, we have continued our work on the book Friend or Foe. The children have been studying the text in great detail to make inferences, and have been working on their ability to justify their answers. For our Big Write session, the children imagined they were Mr Reynolds, and wrote a report to the Home Guard about what David and Tucky saw.

The children were very excited one morning when we saw this flying overhead….



In DT, the children have been looking at how we can keep a cat fit and healthy. To do so, they researched existing cat activity trees and what materials they’re made from.

Next week, the children will be continuing with netball and gym, so please ensure that a fully labelled PE kit is in school from Monday to Friday.

Year 5’s week, 16th September

As you know, this week year 5 have been at Kilve Court.

On Monday, we set off from Reading station for Taunton. We were all very excited. After an uneventful train journey, we arrived at Taunton station and were met by the Kilve minibus. It was a 30 minute drive to Kilve Court, a beautiful manor house set in extensive grounds.

After unpacking, we set off for a walk over the Quantocks, following which we built shelters.

We talked about all of the things that a shelter needs to make it useful.


Then we set about gathering sticks to make our own.



We rated each other’s shelters based on what was included and how weather proof they were. Some even included beds and seating!

That evening, we went for another walk over the Quantocks. We took torches as the sun set, and used them to identify animals that were nearby from the colour of their eyes. We walked for 2 hours, up hills and through woodland. The guide was really impressed by us!

The next day, we went to the beach. It was a jurassic pebble beach, dotted with fossils. image


We were able to find a number of devil’s toenails and ammonites before it started pouring down with rain….

After the rain, we went to a nearby cafe for some local ice cream. It was delicious!

Once we’d dried off, we donned blindfolds and helmets for the fantasy trail. The front leader had to warn the rest of the group of what they would encounter.


Later that day, we went on the stream walk. There was a competition to see who could get the muddiest! We had to navigate through and under a range of obstacles on our walk…




At the end, we ‘bathed’ in a muddy pool.


We spent our evening orienteering around the grounds. It was a beautiful evening, though it became quite difficult when the sun set.


In between activities, we were able to play on the front lawn.


The following morning, our first activity was grass sledging. It was tricky as you had to lean the opposite way to the way you wanted to turn.


After a short break, we did some archery. We played a game to see where we would go on holiday, via what transport, and with whom, based on where the arrow landed on the target. Some of us went to the caribbean in a private jet, while others went to school with a slug in a wheelie bin.


Once we’d had lunch, it was time to go home on the train. With the money the children had left, they were very excited to use a vending machine at the train station.


For the remainder of the week, year 5 have been practising some mental maths strategies in Numeracy, and have done presentations about the trip in our Literacy lessons.

Don’t forget PE kits next week!


Springwood’s Week – 17th June

It has been assessment week for year 5, and they have worked very hard! We just have one more assessment to do, next week. On Monday, we did some final bits of planning for our enterprise project, before losing some of the children to Festival of Voices. Mrs Babb kindly came in and showed one group how to make jewellery for their stall.

IMG_5912 IMG_5913

On Tuesday, we learned about the charity ‘Save the Children’, and the reasons that people end up living in conditions that aren’t ideal.

Inn the afternoon, we had our Young Enterprise Fair. It was amazing!! Thank you so much to all involved.

IMG_7102 IMG_7105 IMG_7106 IMG_7107 IMG_7109 IMG_7112 IMG_7114 IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7125 IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7134 IMG_7135 IMG_7136 IMG_7138 IMG_7140 IMG_7144

On Thursday, we spent the day at Chiltern Edge playing rounders. All teams did extremely well, and the year 6 team even won the tournament!

IMG_5926 IMG_5927 IMG_5928 IMG_5929 IMG_5930 IMG_5931 IMG_5932

On Friday, it was Den day. Please see the other post for photographs. We had SO much fun and it was such a shame that we couldn’t keep them up. We also raised lots of money! Thank you to Mrs Deacon for organising. Year 6 also went to Stoke Row to play netball, and were a credit to the school.