Highmoor’s week – 5th June

Highmoor started the week off on a musical note with a round of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ on Monday. We went one step further of course and sang it in French!


On Tuesday, we had another successful tennis session. We warmed up by playing some high speed games before moving on to practice our volleys.


On Wednesday and Thursday, we had a special visit from Mr Steele’s mum, who came to help us practice some of the songs for our production Bugsy Malone.


In Topic this week, we have been preparing news reports on the Nepal earthquakes. Using the information we gathered before half term, we compiled reports on the natural disasters in groups of 6. Once our individual parts were written in neat, we went outside to practice reading aloud.

We read to ourselves:


We read to each other:


And we even read to the trees!


After perfecting our words and our ‘serious news reporter faces’ we were ready to ‘go live’.

Here are some pictures of us reporting:

IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2861 IMG_2862



Highmoor’s week – 22nd May

What an action packed week Highmoor have had to end this half term.

On Monday morning, years 1-6 went out into Henley on a mystery trip; the unveiling of the summer production at the Regal Picturehouse. We found out that this years production will be Bugsy Malone!


In Numeracy this week, we have been recapping our work on reflective symmetry, lines of symmetry and the number of degrees in a turn.


In Literacy, we completed our information booklets on the Shang Dynasty ensuring we had included all the features of a non – chronological text. We moved on to writing a recount of what we got up to at the Natural History Museum last week, including all of the exciting things we saw and what we learnt.

We moved on from ‘what is the internet’ to looking at hyper-links in Computing; why we use them, what they do and how we can identify them. We were able to work in pairs to discuss all of our favourite websites  and what hyper-links they have.

In Recorders this week, we have been learning about the composition of music. We have started putting together our own pieces to present to the class.

IMG_2726 IMG_2729

We have had another successful week of Tennis and Cricket lessons, with a particular focus on developing our throwing and batting skills.

20150513_141824 20150515_131326

Our Topic unit ‘What Makes the Earth Angry?’ has come to life in the news recently and we have been following the aftermath of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around the world. We spent some time looking closely at the recent earthquakes in Nepal. We watched many news reports and read online accounts to gather facts about the cause and also effects of these natural disasters. Using the information we collected, we began to put together a news report of our own. We will be completing these and videoing the final versions when we get back to school after half term.

The fascination with natural disasters is spreading at Peppard and Foundation Class have also become very interested in volcanoes! They came on a special visit to our classroom where we presented all of our research and shared what we’ve learnt.

20150515_110209  IMG_2693 IMG_2695 IMG_2696 20150515_110221

Highmoor were lucky enough to be involved in Smile Week this week and were invited to the local dental surgery in Sonning Common. We each got into groups and took part in a variety of activities including: identifying the different teeth we have in our mouths, how to fill a cavity, investigating how much sugar is in different foods and finally how to clean our teeth properly using our brand new toothbrushes that we were given!

Matilda and Olivia are busy labelling a tooth.


Octavia, Amber-Lily and Dylan were shown how to properly clean their teeth. Dylan and Octavia even tested out the disclosing tablets!

20150521_111232 20150521_111716 20150521_111755

Lois and Ciara guessed how much sugar they thought was in a packet of Skittles, the result was a staggering 8 teaspoons!


At the end of our visit, we were presented with goody bags and balloons!


Have a lovely half-term break and come back to school ready for an action packed final term!

Highmoor’s week – 8th May

After a lovely long weekend off, Highmoor have been working hard this week. In Numeracy, we have been revising the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We counted the faces, vertices and corners of each 3D shape before sorting them into a Venn Diagram.

IMG_2586  20150506_144535

Towards the end of the week, we were practising solving word problems in preparation for our maths assessments next term; adjusting to the unfamiliar wording of questions and how we would tackle trying to solve them.

In Literacy, we have been continuing our research of the Shang Dynasty of  Ancient China. Using the information gathered, we selected main headings. We then compiled research into paragraphs with sub headings to produce pages for an information book. Next week, we will be adding features of non chronological writing such as a glossary and an index.

In Computing, we’ve been continuing our unit entitled, ‘What is the Internet?’ We recognised that the internet is not a physical object but instead a representation of computers connected together over a network; they are inter-networked. We learnt that computers send messages to each other using a computer-router-server-router-computer system and use IP addresses to identify individual computers.

To help us visualise it all, we went out into the playground to act out a computer network and send messages to each other. The children acted as computers, routers and wires.

imageimage (1)


Above, Archie is acting as the school router with Dylan, Louie, Eden, Felicity and Georgia representing the computers that are connected to him.

In Topic, we have moved on to learn about earthquakes; what they are, what causes them and how they are measured. We looked at the three ways in which the Earth’s tectonic plates move and the names of these plate boundaries. We used our pens to help us visualise this and acted out a transform plate boundary where earthquakes are most common.

We studied the scales used to measure earthquakes and the difference between the Richter Scale and the Mercalli Scale. We put the statements in order to form the two scales side by side.

We also learnt about emergency action plans and how to follow them to stay safe in earthquakes.


Highmoor were very fortunate to have a special visitor in class this week, Dylan’s grandma, Mrs Hobbs, an art teacher. Mrs Hobbs taught us about different shading techniques and how we can use different resources to create different textures in our work.

Linking it to our geography work, we created scenes of natural disasters. Below, Matilda and Octavia are demonstrating how to create different tones using a pencil. Jake, Archie and Kits were experimenting with oil pastels and pencil crayon to create their own pictures of a volcano.



20150507_133026  IMG_2613

We also took it in turns whilst working in small groups to create a class collage of a volcano erupting and an earthquake causing a subsequent tsunami.






Here is the finished piece!IMG_2618

By the end of the lesson we’d learnt that, art isn’t just drawing and colouring but it’s much more than that and that pretty much any materials that you find can be used to create art.

In PE this week, we have been further improving our cricket skills by practising our throwing (Joe and Matilda below) and teamwork skills whilst playing a game of diamond cricket (bottom image). Tennis this week was cancelled due to heavy rain.


Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to be in school before 8.45am on Monday for our trip to the National History Museum! Please remember: a packed lunch, a bottle of water, a snack, a pen or pencil and some coloured pencils.

Highmoor’s week – 24th April 2015

This week, Highmoor have been working really hard in Numeracy, learning to identify the place value of decimal numbers. We moved on to compare and order decimal numbers (like Archie and William are doing below) and to add tenths in order to get to the next whole number.

20150420_110322 IMG_2448

In Literacy, we have been further developing our comprehension skills by continuing our work on The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China.

In SPaG this week, we have been investigating there, their and they’re. We learnt that there is used for place and position, they’re is a contraction for they are and finally, how their is used when referring to something, which belongs to someone. Hopefully we will now be able to use them correctly in our work!


In Topic, we have been continuing our unit entitled, What makes the Earth angry? We have been looking at the impact volcanoes have on the lives of people who live nearby and why they might have chosen to settle there. We produced posters offering the advantages and disadvantages of living near to a volcano. Our lesson was made even more topical, by the eruption of the Culbuco volcano in Chile this week!

Below is Matilda and Francesca’s (left) and Luz’s (right) poster.

20150424_110531 20150424_110550

Also in Topic, we presented our homework from last week to the rest of the class. We had been asked to research a volcano of our choice and to create a poster, including: the name, the location and any facts that we could find telling us about the volcano. Some children also decided to make a model.


This term we have started Computing with the first unit being ‘Computer Networking’. We have been looking at the big question, What is the internet? and all of the different things that can be done online.

In Recorders this week, we were taught a clapping game by Mr. Marples to help us understand one, two, three and four beat notes.


In PE this week, we had our first Tennis session at Peppard Tennis Club in the lovely sunshine. We were able to practice our throwing and hitting the ball with a racket.

20150422_143945 20150422_143955

In Cricket, we were working in teams to practice our batting skills.


What a very busy and varied week it has been. Have a lovely weekend!

Highmoor’s week – 17th April 2015

Highmoor have made a very good start to the new term and what lovely weather we’ve had too!

In Numeracy, we have been working with money. At the beginning of the week, we were looking at all the different coins and notes that we use in England and experimented with the different combinations of coins to make a given sum of money.


We moved on to role-play. Working in pairs, we took it in turns to play a shopkeeper selling different foods and toys to the customer. We had to use addition skills to calculate the total value of the items we wanted to buy, followed by subtraction skills to calculate the change required.

20150416_09470920150416_094731 IMG_2343

In SPaG this week, we have been learning to use apostrophes. We learned where to position an apostrophe to show singular and plural possession.


In Topic, we have started a new unit – ‘What makes the earth angry?’ We have been looking at volcanoes; what they are, how they are created and why they erupt.


Here is the diagram Lois drew to explain how volcanoes are created at destructive plate boundaries.


In PE on Wednesday, we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and went out onto the common for a game of rounders. Not before practicing our throwing skills first of course!


Tennis will begin at the Peppard Tennis Club next Wednesday afternoon and we will be playing cricket at the Peppard Cricket Club every Friday afternoon.

Highmoor’s week – 20th March 2015

On Tuesday this week, we took a trip to the Explorer Dome at Trinity Hall as part of the Henley Youth Festival. The theme for this year was ‘Light’. We learnt all about what light is, where it comes from, how it travels, reflection, shadows, rainbows and how we see.

IMG_2101 IMG_2102 IMG_2103

In Literacy this week, we’ve been identifying the features of mystery stories and planning to write our own.

In Topic, we’ve been continuing with our work on the Romans; the Roman invasion, finding out who Julius Caesar was, the Roman army, the Roman soldiers and the story of Boudicca’s rebellion. We worked in small groups to act out each of the scenes from the story. It was great fun. Especially the battles (using rulers of course!)

IMG_2133     IMG_2139

On Friday, we spent the day at Chiltern Edge School practicing for the Big Recorder Blowout performance with children from Sonning Common and Kidmore End Primary School. We all worked really hard; practicing the speaking parts, learning all of the words to the different songs and the recorder parts too. The evening performances were a big success and went down really well. We were all very tired by the end of the evening. A big thank you to all the parents who came and watched!

IMG_5329 IMG_5331



Highmoor’s week – 13th March 2015

This last week at Peppard has been ‘Assessment Week’, where we’ve been working really hard to demonstrate just how much we’ve learnt this term. On top of all this hard work, we’ve been busy with our usual PE activities and also managed to fit in a trip to Birmingham!

On Wednesday, we continued with our weekly visit to Kennylands for gymnastics. We’ve been particularly focused on developing our front flips and backward rolls. At swimming, we’ve been learning how to manage our breathing when swimming using front crawl to ensure that when we swim, we do so as effectively as possible.


On Thursday, we travelled all the way to the NEC in Birmingham for the Big Bang Science Fair! We learnt a lot on this trip; meeting the Human Guinea Pig, where he talked us through all of the tests he’s had done on himself. Afterwards, we split into smaller groups to make it easier to look at all of the different stands. We experimented with ultrasounds, made structures using K’Nex and concentrated on winning the buzzer game.

IMG_5202 IMG_5219 photo2 photo

On Friday, we had our final lesson of Tag Rugby. We were able to practice all of the skills that we’ve learnt over the course of this term and put them in to use by having a game versus the coach. We obviously won!

IMG_5254 IMG_5266

We spent the rest of the day making our Mother’s Day cards to show our appreciation and thanks to all of our mums. We wrote our own individual poems using the rhyming couplets feature, which we learnt about earlier this term.


We then decorated our cards using the water colour paints – it was great fun!

IMG_2084  IMG_5276

Friday was Red Nose Day where we all paid £1 to wear red to show our support for the cause.


Please remember that we are going to the Big Recorder Blowout rehearsal at Chiltern Edge School on Friday. We will be leaving at 9am. Children will need a packed lunch and a drinks bottle. We will return back to school at the later time of 3pm. A newsletter from the Office will follow.

Highmoor’s week – 6th March 2015

On Monday, we began by looking at some mystery stories. As part of our Literacy topic, we have been looking at the features used, which makes them mysterious. We were able to use role-play to show what was happening in our mystery stories. Here, Matilda is reading the story to the class whilst Francesca and Archie (left) and Kits and Olivia (right) are acting it out.

IMG_4989 IMG_4992

In Numeracy, we have been continuing our work on finding the perimeter of shapes. On Friday, we started to also look at finding the area of simple shapes before moving on to finding the area of more tricky, compound shapes.

In SPAG, we have been looking at compound and complex sentences. Compound sentences we learnt have two main clauses joined together with a conjunction (but/and/so/or/because) to make one longer sentence. In the photo below, Felicity is the conjunction and William and May are showing the two main clauses.

IMG_1966 IMG_1969

We learnt that complex sentences are made from one main clause and a subordinate clause joined together with a subordinating conjunction. We also learnt the difference between main clauses, which can stand alone as a simple sentence and subordinate clauses that cannot stand alone as a sentence.

In recorders, we have been continuing to practice for the Big Blow Out, which will be at Chiltern Edge School on March 20th.


In Tag Rugby, we had been preparing for the Tag Rugby competition, which took place at Crossfields School on Friday afternoon. By having class matches, we have been able to develop our throwing skills and most importantly, getting into space so to be able to throw to our teammates.


On Friday morning, all Year 3 children took part in the English Speaking Board assessments. All of the children worked really hard in preparing their presentation and poems and the event was a complete success. A massive well done to all Year 3 children! Here is one of the groups:



Just a reminder to all parents that we will be travelling to the NEC in Birmingham on Thursday 12th March to visit the Big Bang Science Fair. All children need to be in school for 8.40am to be ready to depart at 9am.

Highmoor’s Week – 27th February 2015

Highmoor have had a busy first week back! In Numeracy, we have been learning about symmetry. We began by finding lines of symmetry in regular and irregular shapes using mirrors.

IMG_1883 IMG_1884


We moved onto reflect patterns in a mirror line.



In SPaG, we have been recapping how to accurately punctuate speech when it precedes the verb, follows the verb and throughout extended text. We used the netbooks to punctuate sentences too.


In Topic this week, we started our new unit of work ‘Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?’ We began by collecting evidence of what we already know about the Romans as well as what we want to find out. We placed the Roman civilization on a timeline.

IMG_1905 IMG_1906

We located modern day European countries on a map using an atlas. We will be comparing this to a map of the Roman Empire.


In Tag Rugby, we have been focusing on our throwing skills during games.



At the gym, we have been learning to do backwards rolls and practicing our cartwheels. Here is Oliver and Jessica:

IMG_4893 IMG_4896