Highmoor Class – 4th March

In Literacy, we have been learning about non chronological reports as a genre of non fiction writing. We began by looking at examples of fiction and non fiction texts and discussing their differences. We moved on to identify the layout and language features of non chronological reports. We looked through some examples and spent time highlighting different features such as the introductory paragraphs, sub titles, captions, factual language and third person pronouns.


We have been reading an ebook about Tutankhamen and the different historical accounts that try to shed light on how he died. We have been using the information we gathered as a class to plan and write our own non chronological reports entitled ‘Was Tutankhamen killed?’

We have been making Mother’s Day cards this week. We spent time drawing flowers and painting them with the watercolours. Inside the petals of the flowers, we wrote the characteristics of our mums that make them so special.

20160304090826-1 20160304090828

In Numeracy we have been learning to understanding the value of the notes and coins in our currency. We used the play money in school to add amounts mentally. We moved on to adding larger amounts using column addition. When we were confident with finding totals, we began counting on to find change using empty number lines.

At the end of the week, we set up a shop in our classroom where we role played being shop keepers and customers. We priced the items for sale in our shop, added amounts to find totals for our customers then calculated the change we owed them before counting it out from our tills.

20160304090826 20160304090830

Some children have been working on an enterprise project where they have been busy planning a school trip to London. Since being given a budget, they have been costing out activities using attraction websites, sourcing quotes for travel and using many mathematical strategies to put together an itinerary, a total cost and a cost per pupil. They will be presenting their findings to Mr Steele next week.


In Topic, we have been learning about electricity and whether or not we could live without it. We began by identifying all the different ways in which we use electricity today in our homes, schools and in industry and how we have become so dependent on it.

We moved on to investigate what electricity really is. We identified the different parts of a circuit and used the equipment provided to see if we could put together a working circuit and light up the bulb.

IMG_6804 IMG_6811

On Friday, some children took part in a tag rugby festival at Crosfields School in Reading. There were 36 boys teams and 20 girls teams. Both Peppard teams performed admirably, with the girls having an unbeaten record!

20160304090918 20160304091118

Children who didn’t take part in the tag rugby enjoyed an afternoon of art back at school. We arranged a selection of flowers in the classroom and spent time working on our sketching skills. We experimented sketching the flowers from different angles until we found a perspective we were happy with. We then began a neat sketch. When complete, we used the watercolour paints to add colour and detail.

IMG_6857 3 IMG_6860 3 IMG_6861 3

Next week is assessment week at Peppard. Children will need to bring reading books, home school diaries and homework books in as normal as well as PE kits on Monday.

Highmoor Class – 12th February

The final week of term 3 went by quickly in Highmoor Class. In Numeracy, we were revising how to use the written column method to add and subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers as well as 1 and 2 place decimal numbers. We also spent some time using place value grids to help us multiply and divide numbers by 1o and 100.

In mental maths, we have been using an app on the iPads to practice times tables ready for our tests!


In Literacy, we finished our class reader ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. We really enjoyed following the adventures of Lila throughout each chapter and had some great class discussions about issues that were raised along her journey.

On Wednesday, we had another great session in the gym where we were working on our techniques for diving and building up strength to enable us to do L stands against the wall.

thumb_IMG_6717_1024 thumb_IMG_6720_1024

For our final week learning about Greece, we designed and made our own Greek Pottery replicas based on the Greek pottery we saw in The Ashmolean Museum. We first designed our pots on paper, paying close attention to the patterns and colours that the Greeks used. We then created our pots out of black card and orange tissue paper.

thumb_IMG_6726_1024 thumb_IMG_6733_1024

We also used air drying clay to create our own Greek coins! Using our knowledge of the Ancient Greek alphabet that we learnt earlier in the topic, we designed Greek coins with our names on. Once these had dried, Miss Glynn turned them into medals for us to take home at the end of our final lesson. In this lesson, we learnt all about the origins of the Olympic games and how they have developed into the modern games of today.

thumb_IMG_6724_1024 thumb_IMG_6725_1024


I hope everyone has had a restful half term break. Next term, PE will remain the same with Hockey being on a Monday and Gym on a Wednesday.

Highmoor Class – 5th February

This week has been Highmoor’s Greek Week!

In cooking with Mrs Barlow, we learnt how to make a variety of different Greek dishes. This included, homemade hummus, Greek feta parcels and Greek pasta salad. We were able to work as a team to prepare the ingredients and create each of the dishes.

IMG-20160201-WA0000 IMG-20160201-WA0001

During our Topic lesson, the children learnt about the Ancient Greek Gods. We looked at Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena and Hades. The children were able to produce a poster on who was their favourite God and why.

On Thursday, Highmoor went to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. We had a fantastic time and learnt all about the style of Greek pottery, admired the sculptures in the Cast Gallery and about the history of Greek coins. We also learnt how important the Olympics were and how they took precedent over everything that the Greeks did.

IMG-20160204-WA0020 IMG-20160204-WA0022

Whilst at the museum, one of our activities involved having to choose an object in the gallery and describe it to our partner whilst they drew it. This was really tricky and made us think very carefully about how we described the artefacts. Here is Lily and Nina, Sofia and Imy.


Here is Archie C. and Jake decoding an Ancient Greek tablet.

On Friday, it was Highmoor’s ‘Greek Day’ where each of the children dressed up as Ancient Greeks. We had another fantastic day although it certainly made washing cars for the Atlantic Lion’s in the rain an interesting experience!


During the morning, we were able to reflect on what we had learnt about the style of Ancient Greek pottery and were able to design our very own pots. Some of the children decided to create different patterns whilst others chose to tell a story on their pots.
20160205_101055 20160205_101113

Once again, a huge thank you to the parents who helped with the trip and for Mr Tanner and Mrs Davenport for driving the buses. An additional thank you from Miss Glynn to all of the parents for providing the children with outfits that would help us to recreate Ancient Greece in our classroom.

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you Monday for the last week of term!

Highmoor Class – 22nd January

We began the term by looking at some division problems in Numeracy. We have been working hard to learn our times tables so we were able to use these facts (the inverse operation) to help us.


Once we felt confident using division, we began finding fractions of shapes that are shaded and unit fractions of amounts.

IMG_6403 - Copy

IMG_6405 (1) - Copy

We all worked really hard to master the method used to find unit fractions of amounts. After this, we moved on to an even harder step and began finding non – unit fractions of amounts! The method included an extra step and was very tricky. Everybody did very well!


This week in Numeracy, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. Some of us have been rounding to the nearest 1000 and 10,000 On Thursday, we will all be moving on to round numbers to the nearest 1000 and decimal numbers to the nearest whole number.


In Literacy this term, we have been learning about legends! We read a selection of legends together including Saint George and the Dragon and The Beast With a Thousand Teeth. We also watch a legend called The Dragon Slayer. We identified the language and structural features common to a legend.

From here, we spent some time exploring each of these features in more detail. We have been looking at adjectives, similes and expanded noun phrases to make our writing more descriptive. Here is Marlon’s description of a beast:


We have also been learning to write dialogue between characters and punctuate speech accurately. Below is an example of some dialogue between the Dragon and the Dragon Slayer written by Freya:


We have also been learning to use powerful verbs to describe actions and adverbs and adverbial phrases to add detail to those verbs. In this picture, Archie, Abby and Emily are showing how an adverb can be used in various places in a sentence:


This week, we have been putting together plans in preparation for writing our final legends on Thursday. Come in and see the finished pieces of work that will be on display in Highmoor soon!

Our Topic for the first part of this term is ‘”Would you like to go on holiday to Greece?’ We have been learning to speak in Greek and to write our names in the Greek alphabet, with some help from Mrs Hilton!

IMG_6373 IMG_6377 IMG_6380 IMG_6381

We used the atlases to locate Greece and the surrounding countries on a map.

IMG_6382 IMG_6383

We used the netbooks to identify some of Greece’s most famous historical landmarks. We worked in groups to create information posters about them.

IMG_6501 IMG_6506 IMG_6513

We have started to learn about life in ancient Greek times and are all looking forward to the trip to The Ashmolean Museum on the 4th of February!

In Computing this term, we are learning to write algorithms. We have been learning to use Scratch to program and share our own interactive games online.


On the 14th January, we had a visit from Sadie Shepherd from Feathers and Fur. She brought some unusual birds for us to see. She taught us lots about the birds and their habitats and even let us touch them!

IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6437

This term in PE, we visit the Kennylands Gym every Wednesday. We have been using the equipment to develop our gymnastics skills such as balance, coordination and flexibility.

IMG_6427 IMG_6433


Highmoor Class – 17th December

We have finally made it to the end of the autumn term and what a fun-filled week Highmoor have had!

On Monday morning, we concluded our Science topic, ‘Why is the sound that One Direction makes enjoyed by so many?’ by carrying out an experiment to find what materials best help to absorb sound. We looked at cotton wool, paper, cupping our hands and ear muffs. The children had to listen to Jingle Bells (keeping it festive), and record whether they thought each of the materials made the sound louder, quieter or stayed the same. The children had to consider what they could do to make it a fair test and follow through with this during the experiment.

Using cotton wool:

Using paper:
20151214_114040 20151214_114048
Felicity using ear muffs:

Cupping our hands:

On Tuesday, we watched the launch of Tim Peake! It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to witness this, based on the space adventures that we have been writing about during our Big Write sessions.

In the afternoon, Miss Glynn with the help of Mrs Hall, took some of the children to a year 3/4 football tournament held at AFC Henley Football Club. A huge well done to all of the children who took part: Archie C., Kits, Jake, Lily, May and Nina (year 4 team) and Abby, Archie U., Charlie, Evie P., Evie Y. and Marlon (year 3 team). The weather was awful but you all kept on working really hard and as team right until the very end. You did Peppard proud.

During the break, we went to look for Peppard’s winning window display at Tesco’s, I think we found it!

The children who stayed at school baked Christmas pudding rice crispie cakes with Miss Tillotson and Mrs Elson. The lesson doubled as a fantastic opportunity to use our numeracy skills to measure out our ingredients and divide them equally between the cake cases.

IMG-20151220-WA0007 IMG-20151220-WA0004

On Wednesday, we wrote our Christmas poems up in neat and created Christmas tree art made from strips of paper and glitter.

The children each then handmade their own Christmas cards by finger painting reindeers. Once the paint had dried, we decorated their faces using pens.
IMG-20151220-WA0001 IMG-20151220-WA0002

On Thursday, we spent the morning working in our teams to make the Christingle’s in preparation for the service. Maple house had lots of fun and even got to eat some of the leftover treats!

On Thursday afternoon, Highmoor celebrated the end of term with a Christmas party; we had a newspaper snowball fight in the playground, danced to numerous Christmas songs and ate goodies provided by Miss Tillotson.


Notes for next term:
PE lessons will be hockey on Mondays and Gymnastics at Kennylands on Wednesdays. Please ensure you have the appropriate kit in school on these days.

Homework, times tables tests and spelling tests will remain the same.

A final note:
Miss Tillotson, Miss Glynn and Mrs Elson would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who have helped us this term and also for your lovely Christmas cards and gifts. We wish you all a lovely Christmas break and will see you in the New Year all refreshed and ready for the new challenges in the Spring Term! 

Highmoor Class – 11th December

This past week in Highmoor has been a very busy one!

In Numeracy, we have been learning about perimeter. We learned how to calculate the perimeter of any shape by finding the length of all the sides and adding them together. We went outside to measure the new shapes that have been painted on the playground. On Thursday, we made nets to decorate the Christmas tree in our classroom!


We moved on to learning about time, both on analogue and digital clocks. We looked at the different ways that time can be read and how we can say it. The children are being encouraged to talk about what time different events happen in the school day and to count how many minutes it’ll be until lunchtime etc.


In PE, Highmoor have been continuing to develop their tag rugby skills, ensuring that they always pass backwards and follow the three second rule if they have been tagged. We were able to start playing some games by dividing the class into four teams and having two matches running alongside each other. Everyone worked really hard and together as a team.


Last week, we started a new Science topic called, ‘Why is the sound that ‘One Direction’ makes enjoyed by so many?’. The unit focuses on learning about how sound is made, how sound travels and how we can hear sound. We made string telephones to demonstrate how sound travels in waves along the string. We found that when the classroom door was closed, Freya was unable to hear Archie C. talking as the door was trapping the sound waves from travelling. When they tried again by going under the door, they were able to have a full telephone conversation!


We then experimented using the phones over a distance in the playground. The sound waves were still able to travel so Ben could have a conversation with Emily. We moved on to looking at how we hear sound. Miss Glynn brought in a model of an ear and we looked in close detail about how the sound waves travel from the outer ear all the way to the inner ear, where the auditory nerve tells our brain what it is we have heard.


Below, Felicity is labelling the parts of the ear.

On Friday, we went on a lovely festive walk to the local woods. We had a great time and worked up an appetite for our Christmas lunch that had been prepared by the FOPS team. We ended the day by having a visit from Santa, which we all enjoyed and had a fantastic time!

• Can children taking part in the year 3/4 football tournament on Tuesday afternoon please ensure that they have a full kit in school and a bottle of water.
• Highmoor’s Christmas Party will be on Thursday afternoon, letters will be sent out as soon as possible.
• The Christingle Service is this Thursday evening, all Highmoor children need to be at the church for 6.15pm in their school uniform.

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you all next week for the last week of term!

Highmoor – 27th November

In Numeracy this week, Highmoor have been learning to use the column method for subtraction. We have been using the 100s, 10s and units counters to help us understand place value and decomposition. Towards the end of the week, the year 4s moved onto fractions and converting them into decimals.


In Literacy, we have been looking at how we can improve our writing by joining our sentences and paragraphs with interesting connectives including time connectives. On Friday, we did the Big Write. Following on from last week, we had to create a second diary entry but this time writing about travelling to space and arriving at the International Space Station.

In Computing this week, we had our first attempt at using Scratch. We each created a character, that are called ‘sprites’, and made them say and do different things depending on which algorithm we wrote.

In PE, we have been continuing to develop our passing skills having incorporated tag belts into our practise. We played a variety of different strategy games, which required us to think as a team in order to stop the opponents team.


In Topic this week, we were fortunate to welcome special visitors into the classroom to conclude our topic on ‘who were the early lawmakers?’. Local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) came to talk to us about crime and punishment in the modern day. We were very lucky, as they let us sit in their police car and pretend to be getting arrested!

20151127_14142820151127_141735 20151127_141919

Have a lovely weekend!

Highmoor Class – 13th November

In Numeracy this week we have moved on from doubling to halving numbers. On Monday we learnt strategies for halving multiples of 10 using the tens and units materials. We moved on to halving 2- and 3- digit numbers.

20151110_115013 20151110_115027IMG-20151113-WA0011

In Literacy this week we have been reading a non-fiction ebook about the life of Neil Armstrong. We considered his early life and how his interests led him to becoming an astronaut.

This week we had our Remembrance church service. We reflected on the meaning of the poppy and gave our thoughts to those who fought for our country.

In Topic this week, we carried out an investigation to research King John; who he was, his significance in relation to the creation of the first parliament and the Magna Carta. We really enjoyed ourselves and learnt a lot of interesting facts.

IMG-20151113-WA0009IMG-20151113-WA0010 IMG-20151113-WA0012 IMG-20151113-WA0013

Miss Glynn even brought in a copy of the Magna Carta for us to look at!

IMG-20151113-WA0005 IMG-20151113-WA0007

On Monday morning, school photographs will be taking place from 8am. Please arrive looking smart!

Please email school with an email address that children can use to create Scratch logins. We will be creating these accounts in our Computing lesson on Friday.

Highmoor Class – 6th November

We were glad to see everyone back at school on Monday looking refreshed after the half term break. On Monday, Highmoor went to Windsor Castle to conclude our topic on, ‘why were the Norman castles certainly not bouncy?’

Jonty was able to test out the advantages of arrow loops.
Poor Nina was killed through a murder hole.20151102_110656
Kai and Bethan were able to try on real armour, it was very heavy!
During our tour of the Chapel, Jake and Georgia were knighted and joined the Order of the Garter.
We had previously been looking at Motte and Bailey castles and all of the different features of Medieval castles. Although it was a little foggy, it was fantastic to be able to look out for them in real life at England’s oldest castle. Thank you to the parents who came along and helped out.

In Numeracy, we have been looking at doubling and the different methods, including the tree method to find the correct answer. In Literacy, we have been looking at non-fiction texts. We’ve been reviewing applications for a position to join a secret mission to space. We discussed each of the candidates as a class and then short listed the best two. We then wrote letters offering them the job.

In Topic, we have moved on to a history topic called, ‘who were the early lawmakers?’. We began by looking at all of the different types of rules/laws we know; the rules for Connect Four, school rules and the laws in society. We considered the importance of laws and what our world would be like without them. We finished on Friday afternoon, looking at the Houses of Parliament and what they are used for. We learned about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. Next week, we will be moving on to looking at where Parliament originated and the Magna Carta.


This term, we’ve started Computing, looking at algorithms and how they are used to develop animations and games. We use a program called Scratch, which can also be used at home by simply signing up for it – it’s free!

On Wednesday, it was of course Lion’s Day where all of the children dressed up as lions to support the Atlantic Lions who will be rowing across the Atlantic in a few weeks time. All of the outfits looked fantastic, well done!


The Remembrance Service will be this Wednesday morning at the church, all are welcome to attend.

Highmoor Class – 23rd October

This week in Highmoor, we have been studying 3D shape. We spent time naming the shapes before moving on to sort them according to their properties.


In Literacy, we have been writing poems based on emotion for a poetry competition that we are entering. We tried to include some of the poetic features that we studied earlier in the term. Here is Archie’s poem about frustration. Archie included rhyme, rhythm, repetition and personification!


After a few weeks of designing and planning our jewellery boxes, we spent time on Thursday creating them! We selected the materials we needed and followed our step by step instructions to bring our designs to life.

We applied the colour using paint, paper and spray paint. We added detail using buttons, sequins, feathers and pom poms. We created compartments using cardboard and adjusted the lids to match our plans. We finished them off with a touch of glitter and took them home as gifts!

IMG_5459 IMG_5466 IMG_5469 IMG_5470 IMG_5471

Have a well deserved half term break everybody! See you on Monday 2nd November for out trip to Windsor Castle!

Please remember to come in your school uniform and to bring a packed lunch. We will be leaving at 9am and will be back at school before the end of the day.

No more than £5 is permitted for the gift shop. Please no electrical devices.