Highmoor 16th December

The final week of term was a busy and creative one in Highmoor Class. On Monday, we learned about the Christmas celebrations started by The Victorians and the traditions that began such as sending Christmas cards and decorating a Christmas tree. We put up a Christmas tree in our classroom and decorated it. We first took a selection of 3D nets. After decorating them we folded them up into 3D shapes and hung them on the tree as baubles.


On Wednesday, Mrs Steele came to visit us to lead a Christmas sing along! This year, we had the musical instruments out too and everyone got a chance to play along! We sang lots of fun Christmas songs and felt very festive afterwards.


After our sing along, we began making reindeer food. This is the food that can be scattered on the lawn on Christmas Eve to guide Father Christmas and his reindeers to your home. First, we wrote poems to attach to the food. After that, we cut out and decorated little reindeers with paint and glitter.

img_2755 img_2756

We mixed oats with glitter and shiny starts that will shine in the moonlight to make the food!

img_2765 img_2767

We also made Christmas mobiles to hang as decoration at home. We made a star, a snowman and a Christmas tree and decorated them using a mixture of paint, glitter and collage.

img_2759 img_2760

On our final day of term, we got ourselves comfortable and watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. In Literacy, we read book one together. We then had a go at writing part two independently during Big Write. It was great to see what really happened in the story and compare it our own versions. The film really brought the characters to life which was, at times, very exciting!

Next term, Highmoor Class will be going to the gym on Wednesday morning. There will also be a PE lesson on Friday afternoon.

A HUGE thank you for all the thoughtful gifts at the end of term. Thank you so much. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Highmoor – 25th Nov and 2nd Dec

25th November

On Wednesday we visited the Reading Museum dressed as Victorians! We spent some time exploring some of the Victorian features in the museum’s surrounding areas before heading inside.


After lunch, we took part in a Victorian school room session with a very strict school mistress! We had to be very well behaved in the lesson and sit up straight with our hands behind our backs. Some of us even wore the dunces hat and got the cane!




On Thursday, we had an informative talk from Angela, a lady who visited us from the Berkshire Fire and Rescue Services. She taught us all about how to check our fire alarms and what to do if we have a fire in our home. For homework, we put together a fire escape plan with our families.


2nd December

This week we have been exploring the life of Victorian families living in London and their living and working conditions. We also learned about the changes the industrial revolution brought to our country and the way in which town and city populations grew.

In keeping with out science unit on light and shadows, we spent time designing and making stained glass windows. The finished pieces of art are now on display in our classroom.

In PE, we began with a warm up game of ‘grab the tail’.


We moved on to learn more about the rules of Netball and had the opportunity to put some newly acquired skills into practice in a game.




Highmoor – 9th December

This week in maths we have been focusing on reading the time from analogue and digital clocks.

In literacy, we finished reading The Spiderwick Chronicles only to find out the main characters have had many more adventures and met weird and wonderful creatures that we didn’t come across in the first book. For our Big Write, we will be writing our own version of the next part of the story. We have created some new characters of our own and designed a new imaginary setting. Next week, we will be writing the stories!

On Friday, we had our whole school Christmas lunch. While the parents were busy setting up, we went on a welly walk through the fields. We had a great time running up and down the hills and built up an appetite for our delicious dinner. We even had a visit from Father Christmas who brought presents for everyone!


Highmoor Class – 4th November

In Numeracy this week we revisited the place value of 3 and 4 digit numbers. We began by partitioning numbers in to their thousands, hundreds, tens and units and adding and subtracting their parts. Year 3s have been looking at place value in money and learning to convert between pounds and pence. Year 4s had a go at playing some metal maths games. One of the favourites was Secret Numbers which children took home for homework.


In Literacy, we started a new unit called Chat Show Challenge. Children investigated the invention of the railway and the life of George Stephenson. They spent time getting into role as different characters who thought the introduction of the railway was either a benefit or a disadvantage.


In Science, we have started a new unit entitled ‘How far can you throw your shadow?’ Children spent time devising a practical experiment to investigate how shadows change throughout the day. They set up their investigation on the playground and assessed the shadow of a rounders pole each hour of the day.

img_2373 img_2375  img_2382 img_2383 img_2384

After evaluating the results, children found that the shadow of the object moved across the playground as the sun moved through the sky. They also found that the shadow was longest at the start and end of the day when the sun was low and shortest at midday when the sun was highest in the sky.

On Friday, children had their first netball lesson. They played a fun warm up game on the common which involved fast moving steps and team work before practicing some passing skills in groups.

img_2403 img_2408

Netball will be at the same time of 1.30 pm on Friday for the rest of the term. Swimming will continue on Thursdays at 10.30 am.

Highmoor Class – 21st October

This week we have had lots of fun exploring the properties of 3D shape. We now know the term polyhedra and can group the common 3D solids into polyhedra and non polyhedra. On Wednesday, we constructed models of 3D shapes. We used clay to represent the corners and match sticks to represent the edges. It was a fiddly task but we enjoyed the challenge. Some of us even got onto the extension and made a hexagonal prism!

img_2273 img_2279 img_2281 img_2286

In Literacy this week, we have been learning about simple, compound and complex sentences. We began by studying simple sentences and now understand that they must have a subject and a noun. We can now list 7 main coordinating conjunctions and can use them to write interesting compound sentences. Some of us moved on to write complex sentences and  spent some time identifying main and subordinate clauses. We explained the difference to a friend and wrote some examples in our books.

For the Big Write activity, we wrote letters to a wealthy investor persuading him to donate his money to the World Wildlife Fund – an organisation we have been studying that helps protect endangered species around the world. As well as some interesting and persuasive facts about the charity, we included a range of fantastic simple, compound and complex sentences.

On Friday, we had a go at a flag challenge. We chose a flag and had to identify the shapes within its patterns and their properties. We used the atlases to find which county the flags belonged to.

It is finally half term and time for a nice, relaxing week off. Thank you to family at home for all their support this term and most importantly, thank you to Highmoor children for all their hard work. You are all super stars! See you in a week!


Highmoor Class 14th October

This week in Highmoor we continued exploring the properties of 2D shape. We spent time identifying the lines of symmetry in regular and irregular shapes.

img_2136 img_2138

We cut shapes out and folded them to test if our predictions were correct.


In Literacy, we have been reading a collection of poems by Rodger McGough. We watched him perform some of his poems and identified the language features used for effect. We identified repetition, alliteration and personification. We read a poem called The Sound Collector which contained lots of onomatopoeic words. We used Rodger’s poem as a model to write our own lines containing onomatopoeia.

In Science, we have been developing an understanding of scientific theories that try to explain how dinosaurs became extinct. We looked at some evidence for the extra terrestrial impact theory and wrote our own explanations. Below is Jonty’s Starbook worthy explanation with some fantastic use of scientific vocabulary.