Highmoor 16th December

The final week of term was a busy and creative one in Highmoor Class. On Monday, we learned about the Christmas celebrations started by The Victorians and the traditions that began such as sending Christmas cards and decorating a Christmas tree. We put up a Christmas tree in our classroom and decorated it. We first took a selection of 3D nets. After decorating them we folded them up into 3D shapes and hung them on the tree as baubles.


On Wednesday, Mrs Steele came to visit us to lead a Christmas sing along! This year, we had the musical instruments out too and everyone got a chance to play along! We sang lots of fun Christmas songs and felt very festive afterwards.


After our sing along, we began making reindeer food. This is the food that can be scattered on the lawn on Christmas Eve to guide Father Christmas and his reindeers to your home. First, we wrote poems to attach to the food. After that, we cut out and decorated little reindeers with paint and glitter.

img_2755 img_2756

We mixed oats with glitter and shiny starts that will shine in the moonlight to make the food!

img_2765 img_2767

We also made Christmas mobiles to hang as decoration at home. We made a star, a snowman and a Christmas tree and decorated them using a mixture of paint, glitter and collage.

img_2759 img_2760

On our final day of term, we got ourselves comfortable and watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. In Literacy, we read book one together. We then had a go at writing part two independently during Big Write. It was great to see what really happened in the story and compare it our own versions. The film really brought the characters to life which was, at times, very exciting!

Next term, Highmoor Class will be going to the gym on Wednesday morning. There will also be a PE lesson on Friday afternoon.

A HUGE thank you for all the thoughtful gifts at the end of term. Thank you so much. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year!