Highmoor Class – 8th June

This week has been a short week but we have managed to fit lots in! We began our now topic ‘Why is London Such a cool place to live?’ We spent time exploring the history of London, from it Roman beginnings right up to the modern day and discussed the ways in which it has changed through the years. For homework, children will be carrying out a survey to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of city living and will be contrasting this to life in a village.

In Literacy, we began planning stories that will be entered into the Friends of Sonning Common Library short story competition. We mapped our stories out onto story boards then spent time orally telling our stories to each other to help us sequence and to challenge our descriptive vocabulary!

In numeracy, we have been revising how to find the perimeter of shapes and have also been looking at acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles.

On Thursday, we went to Sonning Common Primary School to take part in the Quad Kids athletics event. We performed well, behaved impeccably as usual and did our school proud.